Personality Type Practice for Coaches

personalityIn the last blog we discussed some of the more popular personality type systems. Once you’ve taken some basic training on your personality system of choice, how do reach true mastery of it? Here are five ways you can work toward type mastery:

Practice. Do free assessments and validations with ten people, or even twenty. Share your knowledge and improve the lives of your friends, family, church, or small group while you learn. Practice builds proficiency.

Find Exemplars. A great way to remember the characteristics of a certain personality is to pick an exemplar (someone you know who fits that profile to a tee) for each type. When you remember that person, the characteristics of that type will immediately come …

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Valleys in the Calling Journey

starfishonbeachDuring the research I did for The Calling Journey (a book for life coaches on coaching the stages and transitions of Christian life purpose), one of the most interesting findings was how prevalent difficult late-life transitions were for mature leaders. Here are some common characteristics I observed:

  • Being ejected from a long-time role.
  • Loss of favor and influence and/or financial reverses.
  • Asking fundamental identity questions.
  • Wondering if this is all there is. Will I ever find the right place to fulfill my call?

How do you coach a person facing transitions at this place in life? The key is understanding what God is doing in the transitions. This Valley of Identity is about our final release of our call. I often …

Coaching Personality Systems

personalityCoaches are often called on to coach a client in their personality type.  Fortunately there are a number of excellent personality system models that have been used over the years. Here are a few of the better known personality systems—and advise for coaches using that system:

Myers-Briggs (MBTI): Developed 60 years ago from the psychological theories of Carl Jung, this system is administered millions of times a year. The most used, best validated and most richly documented personality system.
For Coaches: While spin-offs are available on-line, special training or academic credentials are required to purchase and administer the assessment. Whole catalogs of books and resource are available, on topics like MBTI and leadership or type and prayer styles. Professional report …

Strengths Validation

strengthsIn the last couple blogs we discussed how to help a client discover their strengths. One way to help them validate their strengths is through feedback. Getting feedback is a great way for your client to flesh out their strengths list or gain confidence in what they’ve already identified. Have them find a person they know well, with whom they have a strong relationship (their spouse, a family member, or a close colleague), and who is willing to spend 20 minutes helping them. Have them explain that they’d like honest, objective feedback on their strengths. Then have your client take the following steps.

Step 1: Ask
“What would you say are five talents or abilities that I have; that are …