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A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups

by Randall Neighbour
95 pages
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In this quick read, Randall Neighbour, a leader in the small group movement, tackles one of the biggest problems in small group coaching: building the kind of relationships with small group leaders that make them want to meet with you. What your leaders need most is a friend who will support them in ministry and help their group achieve its goals. This pocket guide provides excellent tips for time management, preventing discouragement, investing in leaders for maximum impact, and your role in developing new leaders from the groups you support. If you embrace the simple principles found in this book, you’ll become the kind of coach that makes small group ministry a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

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A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups - Details

by Randall Neighbour
95 pages
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Written from the perspective of the small group coach, this pocket guide provides a wealth of tips on how to build relationship with the small group leaders you coach. It also delves into the practical lifestyle issues small group coaches face, touching on such immediate issues as time management (how to find creative ways to invest in all these people without spending every night doing it), tips for making your group visits successful, developing the next generation of small group leaders and relating to your small groups pastor. This is not a how-to-coach book, but a practical treatment of the relational aspects of small group coaching and the lifestyle issues coaches face.

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Table of Contents

   Chapter 1: Why are coaches important?
   Chapter 2: The role of the coach.
   Chapter 3: Time management
   Chapter 4: Relating to your leaders
   Chapter 5: Visiting a small group
   Chapter 6: Helping groups to mulitply
   Chapter 7: Preparing your leaders to coach
   Chapter 8: Your small group pastor
   Chapter 9: You are a minister with a ministry
   Appendix 1 : Working with the Opposite Sex
   Appendix 2-4: Helpful checklists

About the Author

Randall and Etna Neighbour lead a cell group in the inner city area of Houston, and also serve as coaches for other small group leaders. Randall consults with churches and networks of churches worldwide about small group and cell group effectiveness, and runs a small group/cell church publishing house.

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This book from Willow Creek presents the mixed coaching/mentoring/shepherding model commonly seen in the small group world. It's an excellent resource for a small groups pastor who is setting up a small group system, but the mixture of methodologies makes it less helpful for figuring out how to coach. The book covers small group coaching and small group systems topics like:

  • Modeling a surrendered life to those you shepherd
  • Gaining the tools and wisdom you need for effective small group coaching
  • Helping leaders grow spiritually
  • Nurturing the spiritual development of leaders

Think of this offering as an application guide for how to apply general coaching techniques to working with small group leaders. If you function in a Willow Creek-style "church of small groups" you'll appreciate the tools, examples and practical hints this book has to offer. To learn the practical listening and asking techniques coaches use, we recommend Leadership Coaching instead.

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