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    We publish our own line of books, training courses and other resources by well-known author and coach Tony Stoltzfus.

Who's Behind the Coach22 Bookstore?

If coaching book reviews are an important way you choose what to read, you may want to know something about our reviewers! I'm Tony Stoltzfus (click for my full bio), and I run Coach22. I've been a professional coach since 1999, and a mentor for many years before that. I helped found a large, international Christian coach training school, ran it as Director of Training for five years, and in 2012 started another--the Leadership MetaFormation Institute. I've written 11 coaching books plus CDs, DVDs and training aids, and have logged several thousand coaching hours. Since I know a lot of other professional coaches, I've brought ones I trust in to help me review every book Coach22 carries.

What Does Coach22 Mean?

People often ask me what the meaning of "Coach22" is. There's no big secret—its just a catchy name. Short, memorable domain names are hard to come by! If you really want a hidden meaning, "Coach22" reminds you of "Catch22", an well-known book by Joseph Heller. The rough idea behind catch 22 in the book was, if you don't think about your future, you are insane. I think that's a good coaching ideal.

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LMI Foundations of Coaching Course

Next Course begins week of September 12, 2017 (10 am PST)
Sign-up deadline September 1st. View our Training Calendar for additional dates.

The Foundations of Coaching course introduces you to the fundamental disciplines, skills and heart of Christian coaching. Based on the widely-used book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, it teaches the basics of the coaching approach: goals-setting, action-planning, the coaching funnel model of a conversation, active listening, and the powerful asking techniques all coaches use. While required for those pursuing the LMI Coaching the Heart Certification, it is also a great fit for those who just want to pick up more of the basic skills that form the backdrop to LMI's core workshops.

The 12, one-hour sessions are delivered by phone over 12 weeks, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. You'll enjoy interacting with others on the same journey as you are, practicing what you are learning with a peer partner, and listen to live and recorded coaching demos that show you what you are reading about.

Price $225.00
The Essential DISC Training Workbook
By Jason Hedge

42 pages

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Created as a companion to the DISC Profile Assessment, The Essential DISC Training Workbook will help you understand the results of your DISC assessment, the value of each DISC personality style and how to interact with people who exhibit a different style.

Price $22.00

The One True Destination Trap

Excerpted from the Christian Life Coaching Handbook by Tony Stoltzfus

Many Christians believe that their calling is a fixed destination point: that there is one mission or role they must fill to succeed in life, as well as one right road to get to that call. God has pre-ordained one perfect role for me to fill, or one particular task to complete to fulfill my life call. It’s pretty obvious how that kind of thinking gets people tied up in knots. I’ve worked with several individuals who felt God had shown them the one right person they were called to marry—and then that person went off and hitched up with someone else! What do you do with that?

So is it true that there just one certain role in a particular town with a certain organization doing exactly the right thing that represents your call? In short, no. Calling is not primarily a destination—it is an incarnation. The call is to embody something of Christ. The task is the channel. While there is a life task that best channels your call, it can come in many different flavors...

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Dream Journey Workbook
By Andy and Janine Mason
111 pages

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The Dream Journey DVD and Workbook builds on Andy and Janine Mason’s earlier book, the Dream Culture and its core message of bringing dreams to life. The DVD and Workbook deliver that core message in a professionally produced multimedia format that can be utilized in either a workshop setting on an individual basis. From the first DVD session, Andy and Janine invite the participant on a journey, “an adventure with Father God where you experience more of Him and uncover the greatness He has placed inside you.” Sharing personal stories, teaching, demonstrations and activation exercises, the Mason’s equip the participant with the tools to not only discover the dreams and desires of their heart, but practical tools to turn their dreams into actions.

Price $15.00
Peer Coaching Independent Study
by Tony Stoltzfus Peer Coaching DVD Set plus 2 – Peer Coaching Workbooks

Watch a Sample Video

Peer Coach Training is designed to build accountable, growth-centered peer relationships in groups. The Peer Coaching Independent Study makes it easy for as few as two people to go through the training without having to recruit an entire group to do it. It is also a great way for you and a friend to learn the fundamentals of the coaching approach by watching a great coach at work. Simply listen to the DVDs together and follow the schedule in the Workbook to go through the course. It takes only an evening a week for nine weeks to gain a significant, authentic friendship that will help you grow.

Your trainer for these sessions, Tony Stoltzfus, is a master coach with years of experience working with ministry leaders and a coach trainer who has worked with hundreds of professional Christian coaches. Click Here for more resources from this author.

Reg. Price $59.99 $45.99 On Sale!* Read More to see Qty Pricing
Peer Coaching Facilitator's Package
by Tony Stoltzfus
Books, DVDs and Promotional Materials


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Peer Coach Training can help you build lasting, accountable peer relationships in your church, small group or team. Or, it can be the perfect way to offer introductory Christian coaching skills training. This Facilitator's Package includes everything a leader needs to offer Peer Coach Training in his or her group. The course includes an orientation plus eight 60- to 75-minute coach training sessions. A typical session features a short teaching segment plus a demonstration of a coaching skill, a debriefing time, and an application exercise where peers practice with each other. Several flexible schedules are provided for various workshop or classroom formats. (The workshop options eliminate the peer relationship component and focus solely on developing Christian coaching skills.)

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Peer Coach Training Facilitator's Guide (Extra Copy)
by Tony Stoltzfus
82 pages

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The Peer Coaching Facilitator’s Guide is the leader’s handbook for offering peer coach training to your small group, mens' or womens' ministry, house church, leadership team or other group. (Note: to offer the training, each facilitator should have a Peer Coaching Facilitator’s Package, which includes a copy of this guide plus the DVDs and other required resources. Only purchase this guide separately if you need extra copies). We’ve made it easy to offer this course by doing most of the preparation work for you. For example, everything you need to reference during a training session is laid out in one four-page spread (click here to see a sample).

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Desire Photo Cards
by Tony Stoltzfus
32 cards, box, instructions (downloadable)
5.5" x 8.5" cards

Both a coaching aid and a tool to group learning fun, the Desire Photo Cards effectively tap the emotional brain to reveal your deepest longings. Each large-format card (there are 32 in all) includes a carefully-selected color photo of one of the 16 desires on the front, with the twisted desire on the rear in black and white (to make them easy to sort). Using photos instead of words speaks the language of the emotional brain, making it easier to tune into feelings and desires. And it's a great way to stimulate authentic conversation and self-discovery in groups. A free, downloadable instruction booklet provides eleven learning games and coaching exercises that employ the cards.

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Coaching the Heart Bundle
Coaching the Heart is more than regular coaching which often relies on actions plans and behavior modification. Coaching the Heart is life-changing because it invites Jesus to speak to the desires that drive behavior bringing lasting change out of desires fulffilled. Our Coaching the Heart bundle gives you all the tools you need to touch people's hearts and emotions in fun and engaging ways.

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