Breathe Deep Restorative Retreat Ashland, Oregon

With Kathy Stoltzfus, Sarah Herring and Tania West
April 6-8, 2017

If stepping away from life's pressing demands and endless deadlines sounds alluring come away to breathe deeply of spiritual, physical and emotional rest! Our schedule is spacious and restful for this restorative retreat. Expect spiritual refreshment, heart-warming sharing and fun!

This unique restorative retreat allows for over 20 hours of unstructured time and will be held at County Willows Inn, a lovely bed and breakfast tucked in beside a sleepy street, 1313 Clay Street in Ashland Oregon. See more information on the Inn here: .

Price $275.00
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Breathe Deep Restorative Retreat Ashland, Oregon - Details

Expect beauty and perfection from County Willows and her surroundings. There are wonderful paths to explore and beautifully decorated rooms to enjoy.

The following is included in the $275 registration (sharing a suite with up to three others or $375 for a private room): Workshop registration; Two nights stay - Thursday April 6th and Friday, April 7th (additional days possible upon request), gourmet two-course breakfast in the Mountain View Breakfast Room. Other meals are on your own. Each room has a microwave and refrigerator.

Schedule: Interactive Group gatherings: Thursday 6:30 PM PST, Saturday 7 PM, Friday and Saturday after breakfast; After registration sign up for a sample spiritual direction or life coaching session. These are individual 30-minute sessions for our retreatants.

More on Breakfast:At 7:45 AM, baked goods, coffee and tea are available in the Mountain View Breakfast Room. Come at any time between 8:30 and 9:15 AM and be prepared for deliciousness! Juice and fruit course are followed by the day's main dish. Find coffee/tea available 24/7 at the Main House tea counter. Private rooms are in the Main House. To access breakfast use the wooden stairs on either end of the building or the lift which is on the side closer to the barn. Notify Country Willows Inn directly with dietary restrictions, Innkeeper: 541.613.1980.

Facility: We are staying in a a Non-Smoking Facility. There is a $200.00 per day charge for those Guests who smoke inside any of the Country Willows buildings. Prohibited is the use of candles or incense. No guest pets are allowed on the property.

Cancellation Policy: By March 27th 2017, notice of cancellations must be received by phone, text or email as follows: 530.710.4005, At that time your registration will be refunded minus a $50 cancellation fee per individual. Cancellations received after March 27th will result in a $100 cancellation fee with a balance of registration returned by April 12, 2017. Retreatants who do not show up or depart early are responsible for their entire registration. Check-in: 3 PM, April 6, 2017; check out of rooms by 12 noon, Saturday, April 8th.

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The speed of life doesn't allow adequate time for us to process rapid external change - transition, grief, information overload, time famine - that impact us at deep levels. Holy leisure is built into this restorative time. Step off the treadmill of responsibility and experience the value of extended times of quiet, uninterrupted reflection and restorative play as led by the Holy Spirit. Give some devoted attention to the Lover of your soul and find out what he enjoys about hanging out with you! You'll be pleasantly surprised because, of course, his intentions usually do not include the "shoulds" "ought tos" and "need tos". Come join us in a surrounding of outer calm that leads to inner peace, making space and time for the one who knows us the best and loves us the most. We will use Questions for Jesus and among other things the spiritual discipline of listening prayer. Come to drink great droughts of God.

What to bring: An item that inspires you (art, poem, book), your journal, Bible and casual shoes and clothing.

  • In your welcome letter find other important information about sign up slots for spiritual direction or life coaching.
Registration, two nights stay at Country Willows Inn and gourmet breakfast Friday and Saturday included
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Whether you have attended many silent retreats or this is your first time, you will find the accommodations both beautiful and comfortable. This retreat will be held in Ashland, Oregon at Country Willows Inn Location address is 1313 Clay Street, Ashland Oregon 97520. From County Willows and her surroundings you can expect beauty and perfection. From the retreat look forward to spiritual renewal, restoration, heart-warming sharing and fun. There are wonderful paths to walk and the vistas are breath-taking. The purpose of the retreat is to breathe deep with God and exhale the fast pace of responsibility.

We will connect as a group Friday evening with each participant sharing briefly around something they've brought that inspires them. We also will meet Saturday after breakfast, afternoon and the evening then again Sunday morning after breakfast. The rest of the time is yours to discover Ashland, sleep, explore Lithia Park, read, hike around the grounds of stately County Willows. To facilitate this, the retreats will include a variety of Questions for Jesus and a few of the classical spiritual discipline (abiding in the Word, soaking in the Presence, silence and solitude, community sharing from the heart, and listening prayer), but each gathering will be unique in approach and emphasis. The common thread is the invitation for you to come, breathe deep, and rest under the canopy of his great love. View flyer here

Contact: Kathy Stoltzfus 334.648.7742

More on what to bring: An open receptive, hungry heart, a willingness move at a slower pace and accept a fresh perspective on how you do life.

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