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Calling Discovery Workshop | Presenter's Package

callingdiscoveryworkshopmip.jpg $29.99 - $19.99 On Sale! - #1508 - Qty:  

by Tony Stoltzfus
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints--Electronic Download

Offer a life purpose discovery course to your church or team with the new Calling Discovery Workshop Presenter's Package. This new open source workshop from Coach22 provides eight interactive sessions with PowerPoints that lead people to discover and clearly articulate God's call on their lives. Built around A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook by well-known life coach Tony Stoltzfus, you'll cover what calling is, common misconceptions about call, creating a Revelation Journal, identifying your life messages, profiling the audience you are called to reach and more. The experience culminates in creating a personal life purpose statement.

This Presenter's Package includes everything you need to offer the course:

  • Complete Presenter's Outlines with explanatory comments, keyed to the Workbook
  • A 55-slide animated PowerPoint presentation
  • A sample workshop schedule
  • A customizable, color E-Brochure for promoting your course

Open Source
Open Source means you can freely use these materials to in your organization, with your trainers, and you can freely modify them to fit your needs, all without paying tany royalties beyond the price of the outlines. For instance, you can redo the outlines to fit your schedule, add your organization's logo, customize the promotional e-brochure with your dates and times, reorganize the sessions to present them in a different format, or add new sessions that you create. The only things you can't do are give away or resell the outlines themselves, remove the author attribution or the required books, or translate the materials into another language without permission.

Sample Powerpoint ScreenThis package includes a slick, 55-slide PowerPoint presentation with animated diagrams, great photos and exercise instructions to leave on screen when participants are working with their peer. A sample slide is at right.

Session List
  1. What is My Calling and How Do I Know It?
  2. The Revelation Journal
  3. Calling Patterns from Suffering
  4. Doing and Being Calls -- Life Messages
  5. The Message>Audience>Impact>Task Framework
  6. Defining Your Impact
  7. Find the Role that Fits
  8. Creating a Life Purpose Statement

Presenter Qualifications
Because the presenter needs to demonstrate each of the key skills, you'll be most successful if you already have some life coach training or are a certified coach. If you aren't comfortable offering it on your own, contact Coach22 and we can connect you with a professional coach/trainer you can bring in to offer the workshop.

Recommended Resources
If you'd like additional background material on the concepts covered in the course, here are some additional resources presenters will find useful:

  • Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus: An in-depth treatment of the basic conversational skills in the coaching approach
  • Christian Life Coaching Handbook: A companion volume to the Workbook with a wealth of dialogues, examples, coaching tips and more to help you use the Workbook effectively. This book is strongly recommended for presenters.
  • Stages in Calling CD: Presents a paradigm for how calling develops over time and the stages we go through on the road to our call.

What People Are Saying...
"I just facilitated the workshop this last weekend and there was a tremendous response to both the material AND future workshops... The response was amazing and everyone was blown away by the material and the grasp they now have on their life purpose. One of the greatest feedback comments I heard over and over was how much the "misconceptions" clarified things for them and set them at ease."