Coaching the Artist Within

Advice for Writers, Actors, Visual Artists and Musicians from America's Foremost Creativity Coach

by Eric Maisel

225 pages

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Coaching the Artist Within is the first book to explain the techniques that creativity coaches use to help their clients survive and thrive in the arts. The book’s twelve lessons and numerous exercises explain how to coach artists beyond the obstacles that block creativity. Author Eric Maisel shares anecdotes about his creativity coaching clients, including painters, actors, screenwriters, novelists, dancers, and poets. Coaching the Artist Within will teach you to self-coach or coach creativity issues, and the results will transform your relationship with the creative process. Price $14.95

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Coaching the Artist Within - Details

Advice for Writers, Actors, Visual Artists and Musicians from America's Foremost Creativity Coach
by Eric Maisel

225 pages

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In Coaching the Artist Within, an internationally-known creativity coach, shares how he helps artists overcome internal obstacles and self-coach themselves into productive artists.

Table of Contents

  1. Becoming a Self-Coach
  2. Passionately Making Meaning
  3. Getting a Grip on Your Mind
  4. Eliminating Dualistic Thinking
  5. Generating Mental Energy
  6. Creating in the Middle of Things
  7. Achieving a Centered Presence
  8. Committing to a Goal-Oriented Process
  9. Becoming an Anxiety Expert
  10. Planning and Doing
  11. Upholding Dreams and Testing Reality
  12. Maintaining a Creative Life
  13. Creativity Coaching as a Profession

About the Author

Eric Maisel a columnist for Artists's Sketchbook magazine and Art Calendar Magazine, is the author of more than 25 books. He maintains a creativity coaching practice in San Francisco and leads workshops nationally and internationally.

Reader Feedback

About Eric Maisel's Prior Books
“Maisel intimately understands the anxieties of the creative process and the psychological landscape that artists inhabit. Strong on the psychology, he is equally strong on practicalities.”
— The Writer magazine

“Eric Maisel’s books should be required reading for anyone involved in the arts, especially students and their teachers. Maisel demystifies the process of creating art.”
— Theatre Design and Technology Journal

“Eric Maisel’s psychological approach sets his work apart from the many inspirational and how-to writers on the market today.”
— Library Journal

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