Gifting and Personality Type Resources for Coaches

Personality type is one of the most important skills in a coach's toolkit. Having a framework for human giftings, strengths and differences is the key to treating people as unique individuals. These are our favorite personality resources.
Type Talk
by Otto Kroeger and Janet Thuesen
290 pages
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Type Talk shows you how to determine your personality type through the scientifically validated Myers-Briggs type system. Based on pscyhological research by C.G. Jung, Myers-Briggs is a rich personality system that is very useful to coach and client alike. This book is an easy-to-read look at why you think and act the way you do--and why others think differently! It includes profiles of all 16 MBTI types, stories and examples of how your type influences parenting, relationships and more, and walks you through determining your own type.

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Understanding Me Understanding You
by Wendy Crawford
160 pages

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Want a basic understanding of how to apply the DISC profile results to your relationships.
The book begins by laying out the case for the DISC, and our need to better understand what motivates us and others, with some great statistics on teenagers feeling misunderstood by their families; a chapter that differentiates between your heavenly persona and earthly person and a chapter that details what motivates your earthly person. This is an excellent tool for the person who is new to the DISC profile or needs to understand how to take the DISC and apply it to their relationships at home or work.

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Conflict Coaching

by Tony Stoltzfus

"I'm so frustrated with Bob. Every time I float an idea he throws cold water on. "What about this?" and "why do we have to" that! He's nothing but an objection machine. It takes all the air out of the room, but nobody will stand up and tell him to dial it back. I just don't know what to do."

It's a common situation for a coach. The coachee comes to an appointment in a conflict, and wants help dealing with it. The challenge is that as coaches, we donít want to give advice or coach the person who isn't in the room--in other words, it's hard to mediate a conflict when only one person is there. So how do you help the client move forward?

First, you have to clarify the goal. At one level they are asking you to solve the problem, but usually the solution they have in mind (or, more accurately, in their emotions) is to reinforce their own rightness and get the other person to change. In other words...

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Training with DISC
By Jason Hedge
185 pages
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Are you preparing to lead your 1st DISC workshop? This book has what you need. It contains instructions on leading an introductory training on DISC, 30 team building exercises, sample workshop schedules and helpful tricks, links and tips to confidently lead your first workshop. Are you a seasoned DISC Workshop veteran looking for new activities? This book has what you need, too. It contains new games and exercises to spice up your workshop and involve your participants in an engaging and fulfilling way. Each activity is broken out into sections that will help you easily roll them out with exciting results each and every time.

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The Essential DISC Training Workbook
By Jason Hedge

42 pages

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Created as a companion to the DISC Profile Assessment, The Essential DISC Training Workbook will help you understand the results of your DISC assessment, the value of each DISC personality style and how to interact with people who exhibit a different style.

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