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How to Ask Great Questions

by Karen Lee Thorp
71 pages

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This short, practical volume offers a wealth of great tips and techniques for constructing excellent coaching questions. While not a coaching book per se (it is targeted at small group coaches or leaders), How to Ask Great Questions covers quite a few of the bread and butter asking techniques coaches use: open and closed questions, probing questions, asking about what's significant, and bringing out people's inner thoughts and true feelings.

The best feature of the book is that it includes example after example of great questions created for specific scenarios or situations. Any coach (and especially beginners, coaches in training or small group coaches) could benefit from having How to Ask Great Questions handy.
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How to Ask Great Questions - Details

How to Ask Great Questions


How to Ask Great Questions is a powerful look at the art of asking. It focuses on various questioning skills, taking them to the level of deconstructing specific questions and pointing out why you would ask a certain way or what asking skill you would use in a specific situation. It's a very helpful guide for new life coaches, Christian coaches in training, or small group coaches.

How to Ask Great Questions: Description from the Publisher
"It's not just what you bring to a group that makes a difference, it's what you unlock while you're there. People remember far more of what they say and discover for themselves than what they are told by others. Perhaps that is why penetrating questions were such an integral part of Jesus' teaching style.

The power of well-timed, skillfully formed questions cannot be overstated. They can mean the difference between an information exchange and a time of discovery; they can transform a gathering of acquaintances into a community of friends.

In How to Ask Great Questions, you'll learn when and how to ask effective questions, and how to promote follow-up discussions that will lead from good thinking to life application. How to Ask Great Questions will equip you to build relationships...and facilitate problem-solving and decision-making in group settings."

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Table of Contents

1. What This Book Is About 5

2. Telling Our Stories - Sharing Questions 15

3. Just the Facts - Observation Questions 23

4. A Matter of Interpretation - Interpretation Questions 29

5. Tell Us How You Really Feel - Feeling Questions 39

6. Keeping the Ball in Play - Follow-Up Questions 47

7. So What? - Application Questions 55

8. Decisions, Decisions - Problem-Solving Questions 65

Epilogue: How Did We Do? - Evaluation Questions 71

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