These coaching books are our top picks for a first exposure to coaching--either for yourself or for introducing coaching to a leader or group that is new to it.
LMI Foundations of Coaching Course

Next Course begins September 2018

The Foundations of Coaching course introduces you to the fundamental disciplines, skills and heart of Christian coaching. Based on the widely-used book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, it teaches the basics of the coaching approach: goals-setting, action-planning, the coaching funnel model of a conversation, active listening, and the powerful asking techniques all coaches use. While required for those pursuing the LMI Coaching the Heart Certification, it is also a great fit for those who just want to pick up more of the basic skills that form the backdrop to LMI's core workshops.

The 12, 90 minute sessions are delivered by phone over 12 weeks, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. You'll enjoy interacting with others on the same journey as you are, practicing what you are learning with a peer partner, and listen to live and recorded coaching demos that show you what you are reading about.

This course is a required part of LMI's certification program for those who have no formal coach training. (No certification fee is required for this course)

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Leadership Coaching + Leadership Coaching Live Bundle
Book plus 4-disc audio set
77 min. audio + handouts
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This special bundle includes Leadership Coaching--the best how-to book available for learning Christian coaching--plus Leadership Coaching Live, the companion disc audio set. Produced by a top Christian coach trainer, these resources are filled with practical tools and application exercises that teach you the nuts and bolts of how to coach.

For more info on these products, view the Leadership Coaching book item or the Leadership Coaching Live! CD set.

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Seven Tips for Effective Free Coaching

When people pay for a service, they always take it more seriously. If you are coaching small group or cell group leaders, you are coaching for free--and that presents a unique set of challenges, particularly in the areas of buy-in and expectations. Here are seven key tips for keeping your small group coaching relationships problem-free:

1. Use a Commitment-Check Action Step
One of the perils of free coaching (especially for pastors and ministry leaders) is that the coachee views the coaching relationship as a way to hang out with you or befriend you instead of as a way to work on personal growth...

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Christ Centered Coaching
by Jane Creswell
147 pages
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Jane Creswell draws from her corporate and ministry coaching experience to provide ministers and other church leaders a clear definition of what coaching is and the seven basic benefits an individual, church, or group can receive through a qualified coach. Solidly based in experience, each chapter is built upon an actual scenario growing out of Creswell’s own coaching experience. Along with the illustration, she provides scriptural teaching, gives explicit information on the purpose and merits of coaching, additional resources, and tips for coaching. With examples, sample dialogs, and scripture, Jane lays out what the Christian coaching approach can do. If you are brand new to coaching or want to introduce coaching to a ministry leader who is unfamiliar with the discipline, this book is a great choice.

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The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training (Download)
by Linda Hedberg
106 pages
Up-to-date research on Christian coach training schools, updated for 2016
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The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training is a one-of-a-kind objective review that gives you the facts on over a dozen different Christian coach training programs. If you need help choosing the training program that fits your needs, your budget, and who you want to coach, this e-book is the place to start.

If you are thinking about investing the time and money it takes to get trained as a coach, you owe it to yourself to check out this highly-recommended, up-to-date guide to Christian coach training!

“For meta-formation certification updates follow this link: updated requirements. Author Hedberg is keeping the 2016 edition through 2017.”

The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training (Download) $19.99
The Dream Manager
By Matthew Kelly
207 pages

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Beginning with his important thought that a company can only become the-best-version-of-itself to the extent that its employees are becoming better-versions-of-themselves, Matthew Kelly explores the connection between the dreams we are chasing personally and the way we all engage at work. Tackling head-on the growing problem of employee disengagement, Kelly explores the dynamic collaboration that is unleashed when people work together to achieve company objectives and personal dreams.

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Faith Coaching
By Chad Hall, Bill Copper and Kathleen McElveen

207 pages
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For too long, Christians have taken a delivery approach to spiritual formation: we memorize key verses and snappy concepts to spring on our un-churched neighbors; we provide fill-in-the-blank study courses for believers who want to grow in faith; we strive to tell, teach and transfer what we know.

But there's a better approach. By using a conversational, coaching approach to spiritual formation, you can open wide the doors that help others expand their commitment to Christ. Easy to learn and to apply, the concepts in Faith Coaching help you to leverage the power of coaching conversations to help people find and follow a genuine spiritual path.

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Peer Coaching Training DVD Set
by Tony Stoltzfus
Two-Disc Set - 150 Minutes
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The Peer Coaching DVD Set includes 2.5 hours of high-impact teachings and live demonstrations of peer coaching skills. Sit in with a master coach trainer as he explains key coaching techniques like asking powerful questions, developing action steps, and providing accountability that offers grace but doesn’t lower the standard. Then you’ll see those skills demonstrated in actual peer coaching situations using real life issues.

Peer Coach training is much more than just sitting and listening to a lecturer! Instead of packing everything into teachings, we also show you how these skills works in live coaching demos, and then draw out the principles you saw in the debriefing that follows. It’s a fun, interactive process that will get everyone involved. Your trainer for these sessions is Tony Stoltzfus, a master coach with years of experience who has trained hundreds of professional Christian coaches. The art of coaching is as much caught as it is taught –- and on these videos you’ll get to learn by watching a really great coach at work.

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The Coach Model for Christian Leaders
By Keith E. Webb
171 pages

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In The Coach Model, Keith Webb introduces a five-step process powered by questions. Dividing his model based on the acronym C.O.A.C.H. he pairs each step with question asking techniques that will, as Keith states, “equip you to ask powerful and helpful questions.”

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Live Big: A Conversational Approach to Achieve Your Dreams
By Katie Brazelton, PHD, MDIV, MA
141 pages
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Life coach, Dr. Katie Brazelton provides readers the tools they need to move from daydreaming to real adventure. In a friendly and encouraging tone, Katie takes readers through ten steps, from Face Your Fears to Capture Your Live Big! Dream. Each of the ten steps gives readers a broader, richer understanding of how to start, run, and finish the race well ahead of the pack. And on each step of the way, Dr. Brazelton offers inspiring messages, stories, scriptures, and prayers.

With busy lives and complicated schedules, most people don’t think they have time to fulfill their dreams while still juggling work, family, friends, and God. Dr. Brazelton’s Live Big! has just the right-sized bits of wisdom to help readers get started on the process of finding their God-designed purpose.

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Coaching en Liderazgo: Las Disciplinas, Habilidades y Corazón de un Coach Cristiano
Por Tony Stoltzfus
324 Paginas

Coaching en Liderazgo es nuestro mejor libro vendido de instrucciones para aprender Coaching Cristiano, o para mejorar las habilidades de la vida como coaching. Pronto verá porqué es ampliamente utilizado a nivel internacional en escuelas de coaching y en cursos de capacitación; está lleno de historias de la vida real, herramientas prácticas y ejercicios de aplicación que le enseñarán las bases y elementos básicos de cómo dar coaching.

La primera sección describe la parte que el coaching puede tener en los grandes propósitos de Dios para la vida del creyente. Tony va más allá de simplemente señalar ejemplos de preguntas en las escrituras, para explicar los valores bíblicos detrás del Coaching en liderazgo cristiano. La sección II, muestra cómo dar coaching con un estilo práctico e interactivo.

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