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Powerful Questions: Problem Solving

by Tony Stoltzfus
65 min audio+ handouts
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Powerful Questions: Problem Solving shows you three powerful coaching skills for brainstorming and helping people develop creative solutions using a Christian coaching approach. You'll learn how to take people to their ideal future to get around the limitations of the present, the obstacle approach to problem solving, and how to take brainstorming to the transformational level of values, beliefs and identity.

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Powerful Questions: Problem Solving - Details

Powerful Questions: Problem-Solving the Coaching Way

by Tony Stoltzfus
65 min audio+ handouts
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This dynamic live CD is designed to help you develop great coaching skills by listening to a great coach at work. Much of the art of asking powerful questions is caught, not taught, and these in-depth coaching demonstrations will help you catch the feel for how a break-through question grows out of the context of a coaching conversation. The disc includes a brief input session outlining several problem solving approaches, followed by several live, unrehearsed demos that show how those techniques look in action. We'll cover:

1. The Obstacle Approach homes in on what stops you and brainstorms ways around it.
2. The Ideal Future Approach bypasses the limitations of the present by exploring the ideal.
3. The Transformational Approach moves the focus beyond circumstances to Godís purpose.

We also cover a wealth of hints and tips about how to solve problems the coaching way. This Enhanced CD also includes transcriptions of all the questions in the coaching demos, plus handouts with sample problem-solving questions and outlines of the problem-solving techniques used. To access them, just insert the disc into your computer.

Following is a list of audio sessions on the disc (65 minutes total):

1. Input: Problem Solving Techniques
2. Demo: Exploration
3. Demo: Defining the Issue
4. Demo: The Ideal Future
5. Demo: Moving from Ideal to Real
6. Demo: The Obstacle Approach
7. Demo: Creative Solutions
8. Demo: The Transformational Approach
9. Group Debriefing
10. Demo: The Obstacle Approach II
11. Demo: The Obstacle Approach (contíd)

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About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a long-time coach, author of 11 coaching books, including the best-selling Coaching Questions. He has co-founded two coaching schools and trained over a thousand coaches. As current Director of the Leadership MetaFormation Institute, Tony teaches leaders to engage the heart by coaching through the emotional brain to touch the deep desires that drive behavior. Known for his interactive, innovative training and writing style, Tony has written courses and training materials used around the world. He lives in Redding, CA with his wife Kathy and has two adult children.

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Authentic Coaching Relationships
by Tony Stoltzfus
50 minutes audio + handouts
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In this Christian coach training audio CD, coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus shows how to build authentic coaching relationships with those you coach (and with everyone else you meet!) Starting with the idea that an authentic relationship is only one conversation away, Tony shows how to use stories to go deep quickly. The disc covers the two fundamental paradigms of authenticity, four principles of authentic story-telling, different types of life stories you can use while coaching, authenticity exercises and more. It's a great way to build relationship coaching skills during your "drive time" in the car. The teachings provide training in core skills in enhanced CD format that includes handouts and free articles as well as audio handouts and free articles as well as audio!

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The Master Coach Series
by Tony Stoltzfus
3 hrs audio + handouts
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The Master Coach Series is a great way for practicing coaches to improve their asking skills. It includes Coaching Visionaries, Problem-Solving the Coaching Way, and Changing Perspective. Each disc in this practical series includes input on several advanced techniques, live demos of that skill by a master coach, and debriefings to help you tune in to exactly how it is done. These CDs even include bonus handouts of powerful questions and transcripts of the coaching conversations to make these tools more accessible to you as you coach.

Listening to a great coach at work in the Master Coach Series is an easy way to sharpen your coaching skills even during your drive time.

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