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Small Group Coaching Bookstore

We've got great small group coaching materials, resources, and training courses specifically designed for coaching small group, cell group or house church leaders.

Coaching Book Review Recommendation
Coaching Questions
A powerful asking reference for new and experienced lay coaches
A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups
Building a strong relationship with your coachees
Coaching Life Changing Small Group Leaders
Best resource for designing your small group system.

library-smallgroupsthumb.jpg The Small Group Coach's Library
Price: $66.92 - $56.99 On Sale!
The five top-rated titles we most recommend for small group coaches, bundled together at a discount price!

The Small Group Coach's Library includes these must-have resources:

* Coaching Life Changing Small Group Leaders
* The Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups
* Leadership Coaching
* Powerful Questions: Problem Solving
(Audio CD)
* How to Ask Great Questions

This new coaching bundle from Coach22 provides the key resources you need to get started or build your skills as a small group coach. Coaching Life Changing Small Group Leaders from Willow Creek provides invaluable tips on setting up your coaching system and applying coaching skills to the unique small group coaching arena. Leadership Coaching is the best how-to-coach guide available, with a wealth of tools and techniques as well as a picture of the values behind coaching. The Powerful Questions: Problem Solving audio CD lets you listen in as a master coaches shows you how to help people develop solutions without telling them what to do, while A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups focuses on how to build strong, effective relationships with the leaders you're coaching. Finally, How to Ask Great Questions is a wonderful resource for honing your asking skills as well as training small group leaders in discussion-leading and facilitation skills.

These five essential titles will get you off and running as a small group coach!

Price: $66.92 - $56.99 On Sale!    Qnty:  

pocketguidethumb.gif A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups

by Randall Neighbour
95 pages

Look Inside! Read the Introduction for FREE!

In this quick read, Randall Neighbour, a leader in the small group movement, tackles one of the biggest problems in small group coaching: building the kind of relationships with small group leaders that make them want to meet with you. This pocket guide provides excellent info on how to get in each others lives--including tips on time management, preventing burnout, investing in leaders for maximum impact, and the role of the coach in developing new small group leaders. Training small group coaches in these simple principles will make small group ministry a life-changing experience.

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Price $7.00 $6.60 $6.20
On Sale! $6.29 $5.95 $5.60

peercoachingfacilitatorpackagerthumb.jpg Peer Coaching Small Group Package
Price: $198.00
by Tony Stoltzfus
Everything you need to take your small group through Peer Coaching Training!
View a Video Clip here!

Build authenticity and provide a concrete growth strategy for your small group with this special peer coaching bundle. This Small Group Package includes everything yo need to offer Peer Coach Training in your small group or team. The package includes:

Each of the 9 course sessions features a short teaching segment plus a demonstration of a coaching skill from the DVD, a debriefing time led by the facilitator, and an application exercise where group members practice that week’s coaching skill with a peer. By the end of the course, everyone in your group will be meeting regularly with a peer partner to support and encourage each other in their Christian growth.

Price: $198.00    Qnty:  

howtoaskgreatquestionsthumb.jpg How to Ask Great Questions
Price: $7.99
by Karen Lee Thorp
71 pages

This short, practical volume offers a wealth of great tips and techniques for constructing excellent coaching questions. While not a coaching book per se (it is targeted at small group coaches or leaders), How to Ask Great Questions covers quite a few of the bread and butter asking techniques coaches use: open and closed questions, probing questions, asking about what's significant, and bringing out people's inner thoughts and true feelings.

The best feature of the book is that it includes example after example of great questions created for specific scenarios or situations. Any coach (and especially beginners, coaches in training or small group coaches) could benefit from having How to Ask Great Questions handy.

Price: $7.99    Qnty:  

leadershipcoachingnewthumb.jpg Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian Coach

by Tony Stoltzfus
320 pages

Look Inside! Read the first chapter free!

Leadership Coaching is our best-selling how-to book for learning Christian coaching or improving life coaching skills. You'll soon see why it is widely used internationally in coaching schools and training courses: it is filled with real-life stories, practical tools and application exercises that teach you the nuts and bolts of how to coach.

The first section describes the part coaching can play in the larger purposes of God for a believer's life. Tony goes beyond simply pointing to question examples in scripture to explain the biblical values behind Christian leadership coaching. Section II shows you how to coach with a hands-on, interactive style. The book guides you through each of the seven key process elements of effective coaching in detail. Special Master Class chapters provide extra examples and training exercises for important skills. To get even more out of this great book, get it bundled with the companion Leadership Coaching Live! CD set, or save even more with the Tony Stoltzfus Author Bundle.

New -- for international customers, order an electronic version of Leadership Coaching here!
New--For Spanish speakers, order a Spanish language version of Leadership Coaching here.

Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian Coach - $17.98
Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 24     25 - 49     50+  
Price $17.98 $16.98 $15.99 $14.99 $13.99

Leadership Coaching + Leadership Coaching Live Bundle - $59.98 - $53.98 On Sale!   

Tony Stoltzfus Author Bundle - $118.82 - $98.99 On Sale!   

peercoachingfacilitatorpackagerthumb.jpg Peer Coaching Facilitator's Package

by Tony Stoltzfus
Books, DVDs and Promotional Materials

Peer Coach Training Package
View a Video Clip here!

Peer Coach Training can help you build lasting, accountable peer relationships in your church, small group or team. Or, it can be the perfect way to offer introductory Christian coaching skills training. This Facilitator's Package includes everything a leader needs to offer Peer Coach Training in his or her group. The package includes:

  • The Peer Coaching Facilitator’s Guide is the leader’s complete handbook for offering the course, with session outlines, checklists, promotional hints, and follow-up materials. (Click here to see a sample session outline).
  • The book Leadership Coaching provides a wealth of background information on the Christian coaching concepts presented. Each discussion question is keyed to the pages in the book where that concept is discussed. Click here to read a sample chapter.
  • The Peer Coaching DVD Set includes 25 teaching and demonstration segments on two discs. Watch real peer coaching demonstrations, discuss, and then try the techniques out with your peer partner.
  • A copy of the Peer Coaching Workbook includes handouts, peer exercises, debriefing questions, and other resources for participants. (Click here to view a sample).
  • Ten Peer Coaching Brochures are also provided for recruiting people for the training. Click here to see the e-brochure.

The course includes an orientation plus eight 60- to 75-minute coach training sessions. A typical session features a short teaching segment plus a demonstration of a coaching skill, a debriefing time, and an application exercise where peers practice with each other. Several flexible schedules are provided for various workshop or classroom formats. (The workshop options eliminate the peer relationship component and focus solely on developing Christian coaching skills.)

Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 24     25 - 49     50+  
Price $99.99 $89.99 $84.99 $79.99 $74.99

coachinglifechangingthumb.jpg Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders
Price: $17.99
A Practical Guide for Those Who Lead and Shepherd Small Group Leaders
by Bill Donahue and Greg Bowman
135 pages

This book from Willow Creek presents the mixed coaching/mentoring/shepherding model commonly seen in the small group world. It's an excellent resource for a small groups pastor who is setting up a small group system, but the mixture of methodologies makes it less helpful for figuring out how to coach. The book covers small group coaching and small group systems topics like:

- Modeling a surrendered life to those you shepherd
- Gaining the tools and wisdom you need for effective small group coaching
- Helping leaders grow spiritually
- Nurturing the spiritual development of leaders

Think of this offering as an application guide for how to apply general coaching techniques to working with small group leaders. If you function in a Willow Creek-style "church of small groups" you'll appreciate the tools, examples and practical hints this book has to offer. To learn the practical listening and asking techniques coaches use, we recommend Leadership Coaching instead.

Price: $17.99    Qnty:  

masterplanthumb.jpg The Master Plan of Evangelism
Price: $5.99
by Roert E. Coleman
140 pages

The Master Plan of Evangelism is a classic work (over 2 million copies sold) on how Jesus recruited, trained and unleashed his disciples to further his master plan for bringing in the Kingdom. Pair it with the new Life-on-Life Leadership coaching manual to use Coleman's principles for making disciples or coaching small group leaders in your church! Coleman identifies eight key principles Jesus used (Selection, Association, Consecration, Impartation, Demonstration, Delegation, Supervision and Reproduction) to build leaders who would carry on his work.

Price: $5.99    Qnty:  

authenticcoachingrelationshipsthumb.jpg Authentic Coaching Relationships

by Tony Stoltzfus
Audio Sessions (50 minutes) plus handouts in Enhanced CD format

Listen to a Clip!

In this Christian coach training audio CD, coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus shows how to build authentic coaching relationships with those you coach (and with everyone else you meet!) Starting with the idea that an authentic relationship is only one conversation away, Tony shows how to use stories to go deep quickly. The disc covers the two fundamental paradigms of authenticity, four principles of authentic story-telling, different types of life stories you can use while coaching, authenticity exercises and more. It's a great way to build relationship coaching skills during your "drive time" in the car.

The new Coaching Essentials Series CDs provide training in core skills for aspiring or practicing Christian coaches, in enhanced CD format that includes handouts and free articles as well as audio.

Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 24     25+  
Price $13.95 $12.55 $11.85 $10.95

aleaderslifepurposebundlethumb.jpg A Leader's Life Purpose Bundle--Handbook + Workbook
Price: $40.98 - $36.98 On Sale!
Buy both and save!
Christian Life Coaching Handbook plus A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook
Look Inside! See the Introduction and Table of Contents

This item includes two products:

Buy both and save!

Price: $40.98 - $36.98 On Sale!    Qnty:  

leadershipcoachingpurcellthumb.jpg Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders | Facilitator's Package
Price: $95.00
A DVD-based Coach Training Course
by John Purcell
Includes DVD, 65 pg. Participant's Guide and Facilitator's Guide

Want to bring the power of coaching to building discipleship and small group leaders? Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders through Coaching is a DVD-based training workshop that integrates the basics of coaching into the disciplemaking process. The focus is on coaching leaders (hence the title) within a small group or discipleship group context. This coaching course covers the basics of how people grow, the fundamentals of coaching (like listening, asking and the GROW model), and a treatment of when to use a coaching, mentoring or pastoring approach.

The material can be done as a 2-day workshop or an 8-week class taking an evening a week. This Facilitator's Package includes a DVD, Facilitator Guide and Participant's Guide. Each trainee needs a Participant's Guide to complete the course.

Price: $95.00    Qnty:  

leadershipcoachingworkbookthumb.jpg Leadership Coaching: Participant's Guide

Workbook for the Course, Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders Through Coaching
by John Purcell
65 pages, spiral bound

This Participant's Guide is what each learner needs to go through the course, Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders through Coaching. This 65 page workbook provides handouts, discussion questions, homework and coaching exercises for course participants. For an overview of the course and the presenter's materials, see the Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders Through Coaching Facilitator's Package.

Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 24     25+  
Price $10.99 $9.89 $9.34 $8.79

lilisten-to-my-lifethumbnailnew.jpg Listen to My Life
Price: $39.99
Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story
By Sibyl Towner and Sharon Swing

40 pages, 11" x 17" format
Facilitator's Guide makes offering a workshop or class using the material a snap.

Price: $39.99    Qnty:  

coachingenliderazgo_thumb.jpg Coaching en Liderazgo: Las Disciplinas, Habilidades y Corazón de un Coach Cristiano

Por Tony Stoltzfus
324 Paginas

Coaching en Liderazgo es nuestro mejor libro vendido de instrucciones para aprender Coaching Cristiano, o para mejorar las habilidades de la vida como coaching. Pronto verá porqué es ampliamente utilizado a nivel internacional en escuelas de coaching y en cursos de capacitación; está lleno de historias de la vida real, herramientas prácticas y ejercicios de aplicación que le enseñarán las bases y elementos básicos de cómo dar coaching.

La primera sección describe la parte que el coaching puede tener en los grandes propósitos de Dios para la vida del creyente. Tony va más allá de simplemente señalar ejemplos de preguntas en las escrituras, para explicar los valores bíblicos detrás del Coaching en liderazgo cristiano. La sección II, muestra cómo dar coaching con un estilo práctico e interactivo. El libro le guía a través de cada uno de los siete elementos claves del proceso de coaching en detalle. Los capítulos especiales de Clase del Maestro proporcionan ejemplos adicionales y ejercicios de entrenamiento para habilidades importantes. To get even more out of this great book, get it bundled with the companion Leadership Coaching Live! CD set, or save even more with the Tony Stoltzfus Author Bundle.

Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 24     25 - 49     50+  
Price $19.99 $17.98 $16.99 $15.99 $14.99
christian coach training

Seven Tips for Effective Free Coaching

When people pay for a service, they always take it more seriously. If you are coaching small group or cell group leaders, you are coaching for free, and that presents a unique set of challenges, particularly in the areas of buy-in and expectations. Here are seven key tips for keeping your small group coaching relationships problem-free:

1. Use a Commitment-Check Step

One of the perils of free coaching (especially for pastors and ministry leaders) is that the client views the coaching relationship as a way to hang out with you or befriend you instead of as a way to work on personal growth...

            Read Full Article

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