God Meant it for Good by R.T. Kendall

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God Meant It for Good

God Meant It for Good

by R.T. Kendall
318 pages
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This book is a powerful look at life from Heaven's perspective, and it was very influential in the development of my own (Tony's) approach to coaching people to through difficult circumstances. British pastor R.T. Kendall walks step by step through the Bible story of Joseph to bring perspective and hope to those who have been betrayed, abandoned, or accused. The key is looking at your story through the viewpoint of Joseph's life message: "You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good." Kendall shows how to apply that perspective to your own life circumstances, to see what God is doing for you instead of what circumstances are doing to you.

God Meant It For Good examines each stage of Joseph's life, with an emphasis on learning to trust God as vindicator, how to walk in forgiveness, and how to discover the ways of God as he works in your life. Price $11.99

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Table of Contents

  1. A Diamond in the Rough
  2. When Our Dreams are Shattered
  3. From Riches to Rags
  4. When God Puts His Finger on Man
  5. Starting a New Life
  6. A New Kind of Trial
  7. Falsely Accused and Helpless
  8. Losing the Battle to Win the War
  9. Vindication Delayed
  10. The Truth About Predestination
  11. When God's Time Has Come
  12. The Unlikely Convert
  13. Recognizing the Spirit's Witness
  14. Putting Yourself on the Line
  15. Humiliation Today - Exaltation Tomorrow
  16. When God Clears His Name
  17. Finding Yourself
  18. Mercy Set Forth
  19. Mercy Withheld
  20. Found Out
  21. Going By the Rules
  22. The Testimony of a Troubled Conscience
  23. The Folly of Self-Pity
  24. The Forgiving Grace of God
  25. Our Lord's Care For His Own
  26. Forgiving Ourselves
  27. The Justice of God's Mercy
  28. Intercessory Prayer
  29. Total Forgiveness
  30. After Forgiveness, What?
  31. The Joy of the Lord
  32. Lost Hope Revived
  33. Accepting the New and Different
  34. The God Who Keeps His Word
  35. Living in the Overflow of Another's Glory
  36. God Meant it for Good

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