Required Books for LM Encounter Coaching Certification

Below are the required books for LM Encounter Coaching Certification. The books for each individual course are as follows:

Your First Course

Purchase The Invitation for whichever core course you take first! It's a great introduction to the MetaFormation Heart model and transforming the heart through desire fulfilled.

Transforming the Heart

  • Questions for Jesus teaches you how to pray your desire--by doing! 52 meditations and over 250 questions to ask Jesus, all in a devotional format.
  • Optional: The Engaging the Heart Flipbook puts all the tools of Transforming the Heart in a handy, tabletop format that will help you get started coaching with them quickly.

Living from the Heart

  • Heaven's Perspective shows you the power of rewriting your story from the viewpoint of heaven. Seventeen real-life God-stories, arranged around the Seven Frames tool that is at the heart of this workshop.
  • The Calling Journey presents a model for how calling is developed over a lifetime--it puts the idea of process into finding and fulfilling your destiny.
  • Optional: The Living from the Heart Flipbook gives you all the reframing tools from this workshop in a take-it-with-you format.

Coaching the Heart

  • None

Coaching Foundations Course


LMI Foundations of Coaching Course

Next Course begins February 4, 2020 at 10 AM PST

The Foundations of Coaching course introduces you to the fundamental disciplines, skills and heart of Christian coaching. Based on the widely-used book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, it teaches the basics of the coaching approach: goals-setting, action-planning, the coaching funnel model of a conversation, active listening, and the powerful asking techniques all coaches use. While required for those pursuing the LM Encounter Coaching Certification, it is also a great fit for those who just want to pick up more of the basic skills that form the backdrop to Leadership MetaFormation's core workshops. Instructor: David Jacobs Smith

This course is a required part of LM's Encounter Coaching certification program for those who have no formal coach training. (No certification fee is required for this course.)

Price $429.00

Coaching Certification

Get your coaching certification through LMI! We offer two programs: a Full Certification for those new to coaching and a Continuing Ed option for those who already have a coaching certificate. Here’s what's required for the Continuing Ed option:

  1. Complete three LMI core courses: Transforming the Heart, Living from the Heart and Coaching the Heart (taken in any order).
  2. Pass a quiz after each course.
  3. Do the oral final exam (taped appointment review).
  4. Read the required books.

The full certification program has all the above plus the following:

  1. The 12-week Foundations in Coaching tele-course to ground you in traditional coaching techniques like listening, asking, and action-planning.
  2. Pass a quiz after the course.

For information on certification cost and details about requirements and what you get, visit our certification page.

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