Required Books for LM Encounter Coaching Certification

Below are the required books for LM Encounter Coaching Certification. The books for each individual course are as follows:

Your First Course

Purchase The Invitation for whichever core course you take first! It's a great introduction to the MetaFormation Heart model and transforming the heart through desire fulfilled.

Transforming the Heart

  • Questions for Jesus teaches you how to pray your desire--by doing! 52 meditations and over 250 questions to ask Jesus, all in a devotional format.
  • Optional: The Engaging the Heart Flipbook puts all the tools of Transforming the Heart in a handy, tabletop format that will help you get started coaching with them quickly.

Living from the Heart

  • Heaven's Perspective shows you the power of rewriting your story from the viewpoint of heaven. Seventeen real-life God-stories, arranged around the Seven Frames tool that is at the heart of this workshop.
  • The Calling Journey presents a model for how calling is developed over a lifetime--it puts the idea of process into finding and fulfilling your destiny.
  • Optional: The Living from the Heart Flipbook gives you all the reframing tools from this workshop in a take-it-with-you format.

Coaching the Heart

  • None

Coaching Foundations Course


LMI Foundations of Coaching Course

Next Course begins September 10, 2019 at 4:30 PST

The Foundations of Coaching course introduces you to the fundamental disciplines, skills and heart of Christian coaching. Based on the widely-used book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, it teaches the basics of the coaching approach: goals-setting, action-planning, the coaching funnel model of a conversation, active listening, and the powerful asking techniques all coaches use. While required for those pursuing the LM Coaching the Heart Certification, it is also a great fit for those who just want to pick up more of the basic skills that form the backdrop to LM's core workshops.

This course is a required part of LM's certification program for those who have no formal coach training. (No certification fee is required for this course)

Price $225.00

Coaching Certification

Get your coaching certification through LMI! We offer two programs: a Full Certification for those new to coaching and a Continuing Ed option for those who already have a coaching certificate. Here’s what's required for the Continuing Ed option:

  1. Complete three LMI core courses: Transforming the Heart, Living from the Heart and Coaching the Heart (taken in any order).
  2. Pass a quiz after each course.
  3. Do the oral final exam (taped appointment review).
  4. Read the required books.

The full certification program has all the above plus the following:

  1. The 12-week Foundations in Coaching tele-course to ground you in traditional coaching techniques like listening, asking, and action-planning.
  2. Pass a quiz after the course.

For information on certification cost and details about requirements and what you get, visit our certification page.

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