A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups by Randall Neighbour

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A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups

by Randall Neighbour
95 pages
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Written from the perspective of the small group coach, A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups provides a wealth of tips on how to build relationship with the small group leaders you coach. Small group or cell group leaders can view their coach with suspicion at first, wondering if you are going to give a bunch of unsolicited advise or take up their time without providing much value. This guide shows you how to function as a coach, not an advice-giver, coming alongside the leader to support, encourage and empower them to be their best.

It also delves into the practical lifestyle issues small group coaches face, touching on such immediate issues as time management (how to find creative ways to invest in all these people without spending every night doing it), tips for making your group visits successful, developing the next generation of small group leaders and relating to your small groups pastor. A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups is not a how-to-coach book, but a practical treatment of the relational aspects of small group coaching and the lifestyle issues coaches face.

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Table of Contents

   Chapter 1: Why are coaches important?
   Chapter 2: The role of the coach.
   Chapter 3: Time management
   Chapter 4: Relating to your leaders
   Chapter 5: Visiting a small group
   Chapter 6: Helping groups to mulitply
   Chapter 7: Preparing your leaders to coach
   Chapter 8: Your small group pastor
   Chapter 9: You are a minister with a ministry
   Appendix 1 : Working with the Opposite Sex
   Appendix 2-4: Helpful checklists

About the Author

Randall and Etna Neighbour are cell group leaders in inner city Houston, and also coach other small group leaders. Randall offers consulting on small groups and cell groups to churches and church networks around the world, and runs a publishing house focusing on small group and cell church resources.