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A Leader's Life Purpose: Handbook

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A Leader's Life Purpose: Handbook

by Tony Stoltzfus
284 pages
NOTE: This title is identical to the Christian Life Coaching Handbook - just a different title.
Look Inside! See the Introduction and Table of Contents

This sequel to the acclaimed book Leadership Coaching opens with an in-depth treatment of the foundations of life coaching. The premise: that the models we use to understand purpose must fit with the record of Jesus' life we find in the Gospels. Tony explores levels of God's purposes: that your call to be in communion with God comes first, then your life mission to be Jesus to the world, and last your temporal happiness. You'll look at concepts like finding your life in serving others, living toward heaven, seeking eternal rewards, the intimate bond with Christ's heart that forms through sharing his sufferings, and more. Examining purpose in the light of Jesus' life helps sort out the self-focused value system that has crept into much of our thinking on destiny.

In the second major section, the book presents a model for life purpose discovery based on five themes: Allegiance, Design, Passion, Preparation and Calling. By adding calling and allegiance to the more familiar exploration of our passions, nature (design) and nurture (preparation), this model roots the whole discovery process in obedience and being part of God's larger plan for creation.

The bulk of A Leader's Life Purpose is the presentation of a thorough, practical toolkit for coaching Christian leaders to discover their destiny. Each of the five major areas is explored using case studies and coaching dialogs interspersed with biblical examples and descriptions of powerful coaching techniques. The companion A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook lets you give clients or classes a book with the purpose model and all the exercises—-a tremendous time-saver in the discovery process.

Stages of Calling Development
A second companion piece is the Stages in Calling Development audio CD. This disc lays out the model of calling timelines and how to coach a leader in different stages of calling development referred to in A Leader's Life Purpose. Coaching the calling stage a person is in instead of using the generic approach of coaching toward a role or task makes a tremendous difference in coaching effectiveness.

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What People Are Saying
"Thank you for your investment, not only in coaching, but in the Kingdom. As you have written to train coaches, you have corrected theological errors, and given hope to those who have had significant strong holds within their minds. I am one who has learned and had my eyes opened through your writing."
G.B, Senior Pastor

"I am loving this course. I can see how it will help shorten the process of getting to the core much quicker than I have been able to do with past clients."

About the Author
As a pioneer in the Christian coaching field, Tony Stoltzfus has trained hundreds of coaches, helped found an international coaching school and developed a wide range of training resources used around the world. He is the author of Leadership Coaching, a book widely used in coach training schools; is leader of a relational network of coaches; founder of The Christian Coaching Center and serves with a non-profit that brings coaching to missions leaders in Asia and Africa.

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