Questions for Jesus Resources

If you loved the Questions for Jesus App, there's much more to explore! We've got half-a-dozen great products designed to complement the app and take you deeper:

  • The Questions for Jesusbook gives you 26 more meditations, with journalling pages to record what you hear.
  • The Questions for Jesus Group Guide gives you everything you need to run a Questions for Jesus class in your church, small group or team.
  • The Desire Discovery Cards are a powerful tool for discovering your deep desires, and a great way to get groups talking fluidly about their feelings and desires.
  • The Questions for Jesus Gamemakes it fun to hear Jesus speak! 200 creative questions in four categories (heaven, being filled, for kids, and off-beat) on 52 cards.
  • The Invitation explains the why and how meeting Jesus in your desires is the key to change. It's is an in-depth explanation of the workings of the heart.