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If you loved the app, there's much more to explore! Go deeper with the Questions for Jesusbook, the videos, a Group Guide for running your own class, and much more!
Desire Discovery Cards (F)
by Tony Stoltzfus
54 cards, instruction booklet, case

This fun self-discovery tool helps people identify and describe their feelings and follow those emotions to key memories, beliefs and core desires. It's a great way to stimulate enjoyable, authentic conversation. Housed in a transparent case, the set includes:

  • 16 - Emotion Cards, describing eight positive and eight negative feelings
  • 16 - Desire Cards, each describing a core desire
  • 16 - Twisted Desire Cards, showing how true desires look when distorted
  • 6 - Question Cards, used to help players connect with desires, emotions, memories and beliefs
A 16-page instruction booklet includes 10 games and exercises for use in groups, team-building or one-on-one coaching.
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The Questions for Jesus Group Guide (Print) (F)
by Tony Stoltzfus
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints - 46 pages
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Offer the Questions for Jesus Course and take people on an amazing journey of learning to ask Jesus the questions he most wants to answer and hear him speak personally to your deepest desires. Using coaching questions and asking principles, this facilitator's package teaches how to identify your deepest longings, and how meeting Jesus there changes everything.

Based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this 8-session Presenter's Package includes everything you need to offer the course:

The Open Source format means you can offer the course royalty free and customize it to suit your needs.
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The Questions for Jesus DVD (F)
by Tony Stoltzfus
The companion to the Questions for Jesus Group Guide
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Offer the Questions for Jesus Course using this DVD and the Group Guide and you'll take people on an amazing journey of learning to ask Jesus intimate questions and hearing him speak personally and immediately to your deepest desires. This DVD includes video demos and teachings for all 8 sessions of the course, in higher resolution format than those posted on the internet. Based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this DVD and the Group Guide include what you need as presenter to offer the course. And the Open Source format means you can offer our courses royalty free.

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The Invitation: Transforming the Heart through Desire Fulfilled - A
by Tony Stoltzfus
254 pages, softcover
Includes 4 hours of FREE video!
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This seminal book by master coach Tony Stoltzfus will take you beyond coaching behavior to working with the heart--and seeing the dramatic transformation that comes from coaching the deepest levels of the human psyche. And it includes four hours of FREE video of Tony coaching leaders through the techniques in the book!

The Invitation makes coaching the heart practical. Packed with stories, examples, tools, and models, its a book you'll refer to over and over again.

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The Invitation DVD (F)
by Tony Stoltzfus
3 hrs and 42 min of HD video on two discs
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You are invited… to learn an incredible, joyful way of transforming the heart that will revolutionize the way you work with people. Join master coach Tony Stoltzfus on this two-DVD set as he demonstrates live the key techniques for discovering and filling the deep desires that drive behavior.

While Jesus teaches that what we do comes from the inside—from the heart—most of us start the change process on the outside, by trying to discipline our outward behavior. But there is another, better way: the way of desire. In this companion to the book, The Invitation, you’ll watch 18 live, unrehearsed conversations where Tony walks step by step through the techniques for engaging the heart. From drilling down to beliefs and desires to praying a desire, dealing with the Two Guardians or tracking through emotional memories, you’ll learn to help people change with less work, more success—and more fun!

PLEASE NOTE: low resolution versions of these videos are included with The Invitation book. We offer them on DVD for training purposes (or if you'd just rather watch on your TV!)

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Questions for Jesus App
from Coach22
Feature List

New! The FREE Questions for Jesus App (available for both iPhones and Androids) shows you how great questions can profoundly impact your devotional life—and it teaches you a powerful tool for helping your clients encounter Jesus in your coaching sessions.

This conversational prayer and journaling app features 26 meditations (taken from the book, Questions for Jesus). The process is simple: read a meditation, choose one of the five profound questions to ask Jesus, listen while instrumental music plays, and then journal what you heard. The best part is sharing the journey with friends: you can sync up apps to pray the same question each day and text each other what you are hearing!

What sets Questions for Jesus apart from other devotional tools is what you are praying about. Instead of praying for direction or running down a prayer list, Questions for Jesus launches a two-way conversation where you are asking Jesus to fill the deepest desires of your heart--with himself! When you start talking to him like the love of your life instead of your boss, it is amazing how eager Jesus is to answer!

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