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The Business and Practice of Coaching

Finding Your Niche, Making Money, and Attracting Ideal Clients
by Lynn Grodzki & Wendy Allen
300 pages, hardcover
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If you want one book to show you the ropes on how to start a coaching practice, choose this one! Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen are veteran business coaches who understand how to strategically approach the business and the practice of coaching as well as how to mentor new coaches entering the profession. The Business and Practice of Coaching is the first text to combine a coaching approach (step-by-step exercises, direct suggestions, insider's tips, and motivational plans) with solid business information and ideas in order to give you exactly what you need to prosper as a coach.

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The Business and Practice of Coaching - Details

Finding Your Niche, Making Money, and Attracting Ideal Clients
by Lynn Grodzki & Wendy Allen
300 pages, hardcover

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This book is also part of the Practice Building Library.

Grodzki and Allen gives you the ability to:

• Build a coaching business that has relevance to the larger community around it and is aligned with the new realities of the coaching profession.
• Refine your coaching skill set to incorporate the five coaching competencies that signal to the public that you are a masterful coach.
• Define your innate coaching specialty and target a profitable niche market so you can make a bigger impact as a coach.
• Implement the eight best marketing strategies to attract coaching clients (and know the marketing ideas that coaches do best to avoid).
• Set and raise your fees the right way, develop multiple streams of coaching income, and build a six-figure business that you can own and sell.
• Institute risk management policies that ensure your practice is legally safe, ethically sound, and trouble free.

Covering all of the territory from positioning your coaching business, differentiating it from the competition, acquiring basic entrepreneurial skills, and learning from profiles of master coaches, The Business and Practice of Coaching offers a wealth of information and accessible, yet expert guidance.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: A Coaching Approach for the Coach in Business

Part I. Positioning

1. Coaching: Trend or Fad?

Take advantage of current trends and avoid past hype within the quickly changing profession, so that the business you build today is viable tomorrow

2. The Difference Among Coaching, Therapy, and Consulting

How to define the distinctions and similarities among these three professions and the emerging body of knowledge that makes coaching unique.

3. Becoming a Great Coach

Adopt top skills and competencies that lead to masterful coaching and evaluate your need for additional coach training.

Part II. Differentiation

4. Four Questions to Your Perfect Fit

A process of inquiry and insight to help you determine your coaching strengths, skills, and area of coaching expertise.

5. From Specialty to Niche

How to target and segment a niche market and build your reputation to make a bigger impact with your coaching services

6. Attracting Ideal Clients

The eight best ways to bring in new clients, how to refine and plan your marketing so that it delivers results, and the marketing

ideas coaches do best to avoid.

Part III. Entrepreneurship

7. The Coach as Entrepreneur

The essential steps to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, a requirement for business success.

8. Business and Your Emotional Intelligence

How to handle the inevitable negative emotions that arise as you establish your coaching business so you can avoid self-sabotaging behaviors and keep your business progress on track.

9. Why Good Coaches Go Broke

How to make more money, shift negative money attitudes, set and get a full fee, maximize profits, develop multiple income streams, and build a coaching business you can sell.

Staying Safe and Legal

Risk management strategies, ethical matters, confidentiality conflicts, designing a coaching agreement, and other essential considerations that can minimize business problems.

Part IV. Profiles in Coaching

11. Executive and Leadership Coaching

12. Business Coaching

Helping small-business owners and professionals in business learn to thrive.

13. Skills Coaching

Skill-based and peak performance coaching that gives clients far-reaching proficiency

15. Life Coaching

The coaching specialty that helps motivated clients take steps to greatly improve their lives.

16. Wellness Coaching

A new facet of holistic health care, coaching people to take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being.

17. Creativity, Relationship, and Spiritual Coaching

Three coaching specialties that focus on the subtle interior aspects of human development.

Appendix of Helpful Information

A. Author Contact Information

B. Levels of Coach Certification

C. Coach Training Organizations

D. Coaching Associations

E. Helpful Journals and Periodicals

F. Coaching Books

G. Web Sites for Coaches

H. Coaching Assessments

About the Author

Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, PCC, is a psychotherapist and Professional Certified Coach in private practice in Silver Spring, MD. She is on the faculty of CoachU and is the author of three previous books about practice-building for therapists, healing professionals, and new coaches.

Wendy Allen, Ph.D., is a psychologist and business coach working in Santa Barbara, CA. She is a contributor to The New Private Practice: Therapist-Coaches Share Stories, Strategies, and Advice as well as a graduate of CoachU and the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program.

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