Asking Mistakes Coaches Make: the Top Five

From long experience as a coach trainer, here’s my personal list of the top five asking mistakes coaches make (excerpted from the book, Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus).

Asking Mistakes #1: Closed Questions

asking mistakes coaches mistakesNumber one on our list of asking mistakes is—closed questions! Open questions are powerful questions and have two important benefits: they let the coachee direct the conversation (you can answer in many different ways) and they make the coachee think by eliciting more than one-word answers. While most people will answer the occasional closed question as if it were open, too many will shut people down. Continue reading “Asking Mistakes Coaches Make: the Top Five”

Encounter Coaching: When Jesus Steps into the Conversation

encounter coaching Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of coaches from the charismatic stream wrestle with the question of how to integrate coaching and the prophetic. They value both, but they don’t always mix very well. Prophecy is hearing God and telling someone what he said, but the coaching approach frowns on telling. So what’s a coach to do? Today I want to show you a simple yet quite powerful way to get the best of both: Encounter Coaching! Continue reading “Encounter Coaching: When Jesus Steps into the Conversation”

Coaching Tool: Asking Questions for Jesus

coaching toolQuestions for Jesus has become my most-used coaching tool, because it is so simple and so transformational. The idea is to help people to have an experiential encounter where Jesus speaks directly to a coachee’s heart—right in the middle of the coaching conversation. Jesus wields a power to change people that I can’t even approach, so I’ve learned to step back and take people right to Him. I just take my ability to formulate coaching questions, and instead of me doing the asking, I give the client questions for Jesus that they’ve never thought to ask. And Jesus answers—prolifically, usually in less than a minute! I’m so committed to this that I’ve even made a free Mobile App to help coaches use this coaching tool to help  coachees learn to do this. Continue reading “Coaching Tool: Asking Questions for Jesus”