Supervising versus Coaching

supervising versus coachingMost of us have grown up in a world where we are either a supervisor or we are being supervised. Think about it…our parents supervised us, our teachers in school supervised us, our bosses supervised us. Perhaps we became the parent, teacher or boss, thus stepping into the supervising role ourselves. But when you become a coach, how do you navigate the competing demands of supervising versus coaching?

A supervisor is usually the one coming up with the vision, mission and direction. Although they may solicit help from others, because the buck stops with them, supervisors are the ones who clarify goals and objectives. Supervisors are usually the ones who call the meeting, set the agenda, and direct the conversation. Continue reading “Supervising versus Coaching”

Coaching Relationships and The Power of Unconditional Love

coaching relationshipsThere is power in simple, unconditional love to transform people’s lives . The simple act of listening and withholding judgment is a compelling way to love people. Coaching relationships have special boundaries that free the coach to offer this kind of unconditional belief and support. The first of those boundaries is illustrated in the story above: the coaching relationship focuses solely on the issues of the client, not those of the coach. We say it like this: It’s about the client, not about you. Continue reading “Coaching Relationships and The Power of Unconditional Love”