Core Values are Important

When you build a house, you must begin with the foundation. As you imagine the type of house you want to build, you may visualize a sweeping floor plan, core valuesarched windows, vaulted ceilings, and a wide, curving staircase. However, all of those components must rest on the foundation. Without a solid, well-constructed foundation, the beautiful windows you’ve designed will not last. In this sense, the foundation is the most important part of the house, even though you may not even be able to see it when you look at the finished product. Likewise, core values are essential to the structural integrity of your church and for your personal life. Without values to provide support and direction, you’ll have no basis on which to make decisions. Your life and the life of your church will be—in the words of Shakespeare—full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Continue reading “Core Values are Important”

Responsibility in Conversations: The Coach’s Role

responsibility in conversationsA year or so ago I realized that my conversations with my wife were becoming uncomfortably one-sided. Two thirds of the time we were talking about me, and only a third of the time about her. Then it hit me: I was spending five or six hours on the phone talking exclusively about others, offering them something and expecting nothing in return, and I needed a little balance! It spurred me to invest in spending more time with friends to make sure my needs were better met. Do you know what a coach’s responsibility in conversations is? Continue reading “Responsibility in Conversations: The Coach’s Role”