Questions for Jesus: Praying Prayers God Answers

Questions for JesusA few years back I made one simple change in the way I pray — asking Questions for Jesus — and my percentage of answered prayer went up about 1000%. After 35 years as a Christian, 25 as a ministry leader and 15 of coaching pastors about how to meet God (irony alert!), I was still asking Him all the wrong questions. When I finally figured out how to change the subject to what He wanted to talk about, it was like our communication went from snail mail to instant messaging—and got way more intimate and revelatory in the process. Continue reading “Questions for Jesus: Praying Prayers God Answers”

Coaching Around Hearing God

hearing godRevelation is about hearing God, and hearing God is a matter of faith. God rarely speaks so clearly that there is no possibility of doubt—to do so would compromise our free will. We see through a glass dimly because to see God in his fullness would completely overwhelm us. God has designed the world to work on the basis of faith because that’s the only way we can relate to an omnipotent God as free agents. Continue reading “Coaching Around Hearing God”

Coaching Tool: Asking Questions for Jesus

coaching toolQuestions for Jesus has become my most-used coaching tool, because it is so simple and so transformational. The idea is to help people to have an experiential encounter where Jesus speaks directly to a coachee’s heart—right in the middle of the coaching conversation. Jesus wields a power to change people that I can’t even approach, so I’ve learned to step back and take people right to Him. I just take my ability to formulate coaching questions, and instead of me doing the asking, I give the client questions for Jesus that they’ve never thought to ask. And Jesus answers—prolifically, usually in less than a minute! I’m so committed to this that I’ve even made a free Mobile App to help coaches use this coaching tool to help  coachees learn to do this. Continue reading “Coaching Tool: Asking Questions for Jesus”

Abundant Life and Significance

abundant lifeBecause many individuals come to coaching in search of significance (the sense that my life is worthwhile and what I am doing is meaningful), and an abundant life, understanding how significance fits into a biblical worldview is also important. Jesus had keen insight into what is significant in life. His idea of the meaning of life is so profound it can be expressed in a single word: Agape. Continue reading “Abundant Life and Significance”