Judo Coaching: Redirecting Energy Toward the Coaching Goal

Redirect the energy back to the coaching goalOver the last month or two, your client John’s coaching goal has been rethinking his work flow, time-management and getting more work done with less stress. He’s been working diligently to make a change, but today he has something completely different on his mind: a great new job opportunity. It’s an exciting thing to talk through, and John is passionate about the opportunity. But your concern as his coach is that you are two thirds of the way through making a very important and needed change in John’s life, and suddenly he is ready to completely dump that coaching goal. What do you do? Continue reading “Judo Coaching: Redirecting Energy Toward the Coaching Goal”

What About MY Needs? | Staying Client-Centered

Becoming a client-centered coachYears ago my extended family got together for a reunion, and apparently all of my brothers and sisters had just seen the same episode of a popular TV show, with a signature line that stuck in their memories. So all weekend, whenever we were discussing a decision, planning an activity or just trying to choose which kind of cold cuts to set out for lunch, at some point one person would break us all up by dropping into a whiny, victim tone and delivering the show’s punch line: “But what about MY needs?” Continue reading “What About MY Needs? | Staying Client-Centered”

Strengths Validation

strengths validationIn the last couple blogs we discussed how to help a client discover their strengths. One way to help them is through feedback with strengths validation. Getting feedback is a great way for your client to flesh out their strengths list or gain confidence in what they’ve already identified. Have them find a person they know well, with whom they have a strong relationship (their spouse, a family member, or a close colleague), and who is willing to spend 20 minutes helping them. Have them explain that they’d like honest, objective feedback on their strengths in order for them to receive some strengths validation. Then have your client take the following steps. Continue reading “Strengths Validation”