Feedback: Friend or Foe

“Let me give you some feedback.”

feedbackAnyone who’s heard this phrase in a staff meeting knows that these simple words are usually loaded with a punch. Unsolicited feedback is often interpreted as…”Here’s what I think you need to change” which can have the effect of a small land mine exploding in your lap. Those giving it are often well-intentioned—however those who are on the receiving end naturally become defensive and skeptical. Continue reading “Feedback: Friend or Foe”

Leading on Purpose: the Benefits

Christians who are leading on purpose have an incredible opportunity to help connect leading on purposepeople with their destiny. The deep yearning each individual has to know why they exist and why they are here, coupled with a life experience that offers more questions than answers, leaves a formidable emptiness. Many have tried to find their purpose within their career only to find that pouring hours into the organization has left them missing the mark. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 60% of Americans hate their job, 30% tolerate it, and 10% actually enjoy their work. It’s evident that very few find a sense of purpose in their career where they spend the majority of their time. Unfortunately, the statistics for family and marriage satisfaction are even more alarming. Continue reading “Leading on Purpose: the Benefits”

Pursuing Balanced Ministry

pursuing balanced ministryPursuing balanced ministry in the United States has become increasingly complex in the last 50 years. There was a time when being a good pastor meant preaching on Sunday, visiting the sick, and marrying and burying people. Now it seems the demands placed on the pastor have increased to the point where it’s unrealistic for one person to be able to be good at every area of ministry. Continue reading “Pursuing Balanced Ministry”