Life Purpose

life purposeLife purpose is a rising movement that has been shaping the church over the last ten years and will be a major influence for the next generation. Just as the “visionary leadership” concept has been at the forefront of the way churches are led for the last season, the coming wave seems to be helping people to discover and fulfill their personal destiny. I believe God is continuing a move that began with the charismatic renewal two generations ago—unleashing and fully activating lay people, so that everyone in his body is a vital contributor to the Kingdom. Continue reading “Life Purpose”

Live Your Destiny: When Not To

live your destinyAs life coaches, we are all about helping people find and follow their God-given calling. It is easy for us to assume that to live your destiny  is a given — that God’s will is for every person (or at least every mature believer) to being doing what they were made to do.

So it may come as a surprise to hear that to live your destiny is often NOT the will of God for your life. It is vitally important for life coaches to be able to help clients discern the timing issues of life purpose instead of just assuming that an active pursuit of it is the right thing to do. Continue reading “Live Your Destiny: When Not To”

Transitional Seasons: Waiting for Our Destiny

We all go through transitional seasons. Usually there is an awkward period where the otransitional seasonld role or old way of thinking no longer fits, but the new thing has yet to come about. This can be a purely internal shift in our mode of ministry that happens while we keep the same job in the same community. But most often it is accompanied by external factors that reflect the internal: we switch jobs or careers and have a period of unemployment between, we go on sabbatical, we relocate. In these transitions, the act of waiting in our external circumstances reflects what God is doing in our hearts. In both cases, we have to wait on God to move us forward in his time. We can no more make the seasons of our hearts change than we can make the winter go by faster. Continue reading “Transitional Seasons: Waiting for Our Destiny”