Dreams and Vision

dreams and visionDreams are powerful. Dreams and those who dream them can change cultures, redirect nations and move mountains. Dreams animate our hearts with passionate energy, spur us to action, and offer the hope that a better future is not only possible but imperative. Dreams are the images of our passion overlaid on the future. Dreams and vision are important for our lives. Continue reading “Dreams and Vision”

Model for Destiny: Who Do You Look To?

model for destinyWhat model for destiny do you look to? Take a few minutes and visualize fulfilling your destiny in this life. As much as you can, picture what that moment of ultimate accomplishment would be like. You might be sitting with a group of students you taught years ago, and hearing the difference you made in their lives. Or it could be attaining a certain position, seeing your children mature and successful, planting a thriving church, or graduating with a certain degree. Continue reading “Model for Destiny: Who Do You Look To?”

Destiny Preparation

destiny preparationA useful tool for helping others understand their life journey and destiny preparation is the Preparation Funnel. A funnel provides a visual picture of what progressive revelation of one’s call looks like. Early in life, the funnel is wide—our picture of our purpose is vague, and a lot of things fit in it. As we grow into our thirties and forties, the funnel narrows significantly. Continue reading “Destiny Preparation”