Up Your Active Listening Game by Eliminating Distractions

Active Listening DistractionsOne important way to improve your active listening  ability is to identify and eliminate distractions in your environment with this coaching tool. You can be great at many other facets of listening, but if your phone line is full of static or you are constantly interrupted, you’ll still find it very difficult to listen well. True active listening intently is hard work. Often simple changes like taking a few minutes before a meeting to get centered, purchasing a phone headset, or turning off your computer monitor while you are coaching can make a big difference. Continue reading “Up Your Active Listening Game by Eliminating Distractions”

The Power of Listening in Problem Solving

the power of listeningThe power of listening was demonstrated to me recently as a friend of mine related a conversation he’d overhead at a coffee shop between a father and daughter seated at the next table. “He was lecturing her on the classic father-daughter stuff,” Mark recalls. “You’re spending too much money, you aren’t focused on your education, etc. etc. It was so painful. All she wanted was for him to ask her, ‘What are your goals? What do you want out of life?’ He was raising his voice with her, she was in tears—it was really ugly. Continue reading “The Power of Listening in Problem Solving”

Coaching Intuition: What to Listen for When Coaching

coaching intuitionIntuition is by definition an intuitive process, more art than science. But we can become more cognizant of what kinds of things cause us to sit up and take notice.  A first step is to identify and name the common types of phenomena that activate our coaching intuition. The more we make intuition a conscious process, the more adept we will be at it. Continue reading “Coaching Intuition: What to Listen for When Coaching”