Transformational Coaching: Reinventing Yourself

Over the years I’ve used transformational coaching techniques to walk a number of transformational coaching is about motivation!individuals through the process of completely reinventing themselves. For instance, one leader’s goal was “to move from being a critical and demanding boss to one who was approachable, kind and built strong relationships with the leaders around him.” That’s a real Goliath to take on in the latter half of one’s life! However, over the course of six months he actually succeeded in altering the fundamental way he related. A feedback process confirmed that to his peers, he was a different person. How did that happen? And what can we learn from those stories about how to reinvent ourselves when the time comes to do it? Continue reading “Transformational Coaching: Reinventing Yourself”

Coaching People Out of Flatlander Thinking

flatlander thinkingYears ago I read a well-known book on the life of King David that really made an impact on me – just not one that I think the author intended! It was where I learned about living what I call “Flatlander Thinking.”

While David is probably my favorite Biblical character, I wasn’t getting much out of the book until I started to tune into the author’s point of view. Each incident in David’s life (such as his fling with Bathsheba) was carefully examined in terms of right and wrong choices and the fruit those choices bore. Then it hit me: there was no hint of any kind of developmental process in how David’s life was treated! Continue reading “Coaching People Out of Flatlander Thinking”

Coaching Tool: Asking Questions for Jesus

coaching toolQuestions for Jesus has become my most-used coaching tool, because it is so simple and so transformational. The idea is to help people to have an experiential encounter where Jesus speaks directly to a coachee’s heart—right in the middle of the coaching conversation. Jesus wields a power to change people that I can’t even approach, so I’ve learned to step back and take people right to Him. I just take my ability to formulate coaching questions, and instead of me doing the asking, I give the client questions for Jesus that they’ve never thought to ask. And Jesus answers—prolifically, usually in less than a minute! I’m so committed to this that I’ve even made a free Mobile App to help coaches use this coaching tool to help  coachees learn to do this. Continue reading “Coaching Tool: Asking Questions for Jesus”