Co-active Coaching (3rd edition)

by Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kinsey-House and Richard Sandahl
265 pages

Never before has there been such demand for personal and executive coaches to support others through periods of transition. Co-Active Coaching presents a revolutionary collaborative approach that allows client and coach to work together to identify both work-related and personal areas of development.

Developed by three pioneers in the leadership coaching field, this new model was created for professional coaches who want to increase their proficiency as well as for those interested in integrating coaching skills into their coaching practice. A comprehensive on-line "coach's toolkit" provides 35 instructive coaching dialogues and examples, skill-building exercises to develop co-active coaching techniques, coaching tips, worksheets, and forms to use with clients.
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Co-active Coaching (3rd edition) - Details

by Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kinsey-House and Richard Sandahl
265 pages, Third Edition

This new third edition of Co-Active Coaching includes:

  • The expanded vision of the newly updated Co-Active Model
  • How to use the material in leadership management and throughout organizations
  • An on-line toolkit with updated coaching tools that replaces the CD of the last edition
  • New coaching demonstrations
  • 35+ updated exercises, questionnaires, checklists and reproducible forms

CONTENTS Co-Active Coaching covers the following areas:

  • Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals
    The Co-Active Coaching Model / The Co-Active Coaching Relationship
  • Co-Active Coaching Skills
    Listening / Intuition / Curiosity / Action-Learning / Self-Management
  • Co-Active Coaching Practices
    Client Fulfillment / Client Balance / Client Process / Tips and Traps for the Coaching Practice / A Vision for the Future / The Coach's Toolkit

Table of Contents

Part I: Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals
   Chapter 1: The Co-Active Coaching Model
   Chapter 2: The Co-Active Coaching Relationship
Part II:Co-Active Coaching Contexts
   Chapter 3: Listening
   Chapter 4: Intuition
   Chapter 5: Curiosity
   Chapter 6: Forward and Deepen
   Chapter 7: Self-Management
Part III: Co-Active Coaching Principles and Practices
   Chapter 8: Fulfillment
   Chapter 9: Balance
   Chapter 10: Process
   Chapter 11: Putting it All Together

About the Author

Karen Kimsey-House is the Co-founder and CEO of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). One of the earliest recognized luminaries in the coaching profession, she founded CTI in 1992 with Laura Whitworth and Henry Kimsey-House. They created the Co-Active philosophy to relationship. Kimsey-House continues to lead training workshops and is a popular keynote speaker around the world.

Henry Kimsey-House has been a coach and workshop leader since 1981 and is co-founder and curriculum director of The Coaches Training Institute and the Co-Active Leadership Program.

Phil Sandahl is a coach and workshop leader and works primarily with the self-employed, especially those in creative fields.

Reader Feedback

“With its third updated edition, Co-Active Coaching remains the bible of coaching guides,” says Stephen R. Covey, best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. “Written with a powerful, distinctive approach, no other book gives you the tools, the skills and the fundamentals needed to succeed in these delicate relationships.”

"Co-Active Coaching breaks new and important ground in the field of coaching. It penetrates to the heart of the coaching process, enabling readers to discover how they can tap into the true power of coaching."
- David B. Peterson, Ph.D., senior vice president, Personnel Decisions International, and coauthor of Leader as Coach

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