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Coaching the Heart--Encounter Coaching bundle
Coaching the Heart Bundle
by Tony Stoltzfus

Coaching the Heart is completely different than regular coaching. It engages the emotional brain, where most of our biggest obstacles live, instead of focusing on rational processes like actions plans and behavior modification. Coaching the Heart is life-changing because it invites Jesus to speak to the desires that drive behavior bringing lasting change out of desires fulfilled. Our Coaching the Heart bundle gives you all the tools you need to touch people's hearts and emotions in fun and engaging ways.

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Tony Stoltzfus discount coaching book bundle
Tony Stoltzfus - Coaching Foundations Bundle
by Tony Stoltzfus.

We've bundled these six key resources from Tony together at a price you won't find anywhere else! This package is perfect for developing or aspiring coaches, and includes:

  1. Leadership Coaching is our top-rated book for learning how to coach.
  2. Leadership Coaching Live! is a companion 4-disc CD set with live demos of the key concepts in the book.
  3. Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills is a best-selling handbook of dozens of asking tools, models and techniques, with self-study schedules to help you put them into practice and become a master of asking.
  4. The Master Coach Series combines three advanced coaching CDs, each with over an hour of live coaching demos, debriefings and input on a particular asking skill.
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Coaching People Out of Flat Lives

by Tony Stoltzfus

Years ago I read a well-known book on the life of King David that really made an impact on me -Ė just not one that I think the author intended! While David is probably my favorite Biblical character, I wasnít getting much out of the book until I started to tune into the authorís point of view. Each incident in Davidís life (such as his fling with Bathsheba) was carefully examined in terms of right and wrong choices and the fruit those choices bore.

Then it hit me: there was no hint of any kind of developmental process in how Davidís life was treated. How could that be? If I had experienced the death of my best friend (Jonathan) or my wife being taken away and given to another man, or my leader and sponsor (Saul) turning on me and trying to kill me, surely it would change me inside as a person. I would (if I responded well) mature as a leader, come to a deeper dependence to God, learn to release many of the clinging things that hold us back from full abandonment to Godís will. Or if I responded poorly I might become embittered and angry. But one way or another, I would not be the same man afterward as before. The process would change me...

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Tony Stoltzfus - Life Coaching Bundle
by Tony Stoltzfus
Four top life coaching books at a discount price from a popular author and coach trainer

Get this package if you want a quality set of coaching tools for working with life purpose and destiny discovery. Here's what's included:

The Christian Life Coaching Handbook is an in-depth guide to coaching calling and destiny discovery packed with 60 life purpose discovery exercises and illustrated with sample coaching dialogues. It provides a biblically-based approach to life purpose.

The companion Workbook includes just the exercises and descriptive text--perfect for giving to life coaching clients to work on between coaching appointments.

And The Calling Journey adds a whole new dimension to Christian life coaching, by explaining the developmental process of calling. This timeline tool lets you visually graph a person's calling journey, understand God's growth agenda in each stage and coach in the way that is most effective for that stage.

This bundle also includes the two-disc Coaching Transitions audio CD set, which explains the stages of we go through within a major life transition, and offers a set of powerful coaching techniques for walking with leaders through these seasons of life.

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A Leader's Life Purpose Bundle
by Tony Stoltzfus
Christian Life Coaching Handbook plus A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook
Read the Introduction

This set is a great introduction to life coaching and working with destiny discovery, and includes materials for you and your coaching client:

Both include the same 60 destiny discovery exercises. The Workbook contains basic descriptions of life purpose concepts, along with blank copies of the exercises for the client to fill in; while the Handbook adds in-depth descriptions, sample coaching dialogs, and filled-in exercise examples to show how people respond in real life.

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books on learning how to coach
The Aspiring Coach's Library
This bundle of five essential titles is what we recommend for aspiring Christian coaches--and it's a great value, too! If you want to become a coach or are seriously looking into it, start here.

The Aspiring Coach's Library offers five top-rated coaching resources:

We've bundled these five key resources together at a great discount price. So get The Aspiring Coach's Library, and start learning to coach today!

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The Invitation book and Questions for Jesus - learn encounter coaching
The Invitation Bundle
by Tony Stoltzfus
The InvitationQuestions for Jesus for half price!
Includes 4 hours of FREE video!
Watch a Sample Video
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These two seminal books by master coach Tony Stoltzfus form an introduction to Encounter Coaching, a discipline that will take you beyond coaching behavior to working with the heart--and seeing the dramatic transformation that comes from coaching the deepest levels of human identity. The Invitation: Transforming the Heart through Desire Fulfilled walks you through the core skills of heart engaging, how the heart work, drilling down to desire, and more. Included FREE are four hours of video of Tony doing live demonstrations of the coaching techniques in the book!

This special bundle also includes Questions for Jesus, the original work about praying your desire. If you want to bring God encounters into your coaching--and your relationship with Jesus--this book will teach you to stop praying about the business of the Christian life ("God,what do you want me to do?") and learn to pray about the relationship ("Jesus, here's what I like about you: ____. What do you like most about me?").

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leadership coaching live with free course outliines by tony stoltzfus
Leadership Coaching Live! | with FREE course outlines
by Tony Stoltzfus
CDs, Outlines, PowerPoint, Guide & Promo Materials
Read an In-Depth Review

Looking for a course you can offer to provide basic coaching skills training or introduce people to the coaching model? Getting Started in Leadership Coaching is a complete, turn-key eight-week coaching class you can run, at a price that's a steal. Based on the acclaimed book Leadership Coaching and the companion four-disc CD set, this package includes a complete Facilitator's Guide, in-depth outlines for each session, course schedules, a Participant's Packet, tips for running and promoting the course -- even a color promotional e-flyer you can modify with your course name and dates. Each week, participants read a few chapters from the book, listen to a demo session from the CD set that models the skill, and then participate in a live, interactive class with you as the coach.

To offer this royalty-free course, simply purchase the presenter's pack here, and you'll receive a code by e-mail that lets you download the course materials. You'll also get the option to purchase the books and CDs participants need for the course at a special 30% discount on quantities of 20 or more. (Call us to order or if you have questions.)

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