Placing an International Order from Coach22

We ship coaching books throughout the world, and have many international customers. Here are some tips on how to place an international order with Coach22.

Getting Help with an Order

If you have questions or want to contact us, e-mail or call 1-530-710-4005 (from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm U.S. Pacific time).

Making Your Payment

It can be hard to get credit cards from certain countries to be accepted in US billing systems (usually the name and address are the problem). If you want the easiest transaction, we recommend using Paypal if you are outside of North America. If you don't have a Paypal account and the site won't accept your credit card, e-mail us with a list of what you want to purchase. Include your name and billing address as it is on your card, and we'll do the transaction for you manually.

Then once we get everything squared away, call us with your card number. Please DO NOT send your credit card number directly to us by e-mail, as e-mail is not a secure form of transaction! Your transactions through the Coach22 site are encrypted and secure--standard e-mail is not.

Getting the Best Deal on Shipping

The Coach22 site includes a shipping calculator that works for many countries. However, the US Postal Service (usually the best shipping option) doesn't include all its rate options in the calculation. Most of the time we can do better than the rate quoted by the site (sometimes as much as 50% less). If you place an order on-line and we can get a substantially better rate, we'll refund the difference back to your credit card. If you'd like an exact shipping quote before you order, e-mail us with a list of what you want and your address, and we'll get you a quote and estimated delivery time.

Will Ordering More Items Increase the Shipping?

Actually, we often get the best rate using USPS flat rate shipping boxes. That means that sometimes you can add a couple items to an order without paying any more for shipping. We'll try to let you know if you can fit more in the box without paying any more to ship it.

How Long Will My Order Take to Get Here?

Normally, we find the best balance of time and rate is on shipping options with estimated delivery times of seven to ten business days. Keep in mind that these are estimates--sometimes they take longer. If you must have your package by a certain date, call us about guaranteed delivery rates.

If your package doesn't arrive within the estimated time, check back with us and we'll try to track it down.