Coaching for Christian Leaders

by Linda Miller
148 pages
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Linda Miller and Chad Hall explore the intersection of ministry leadership and Christian coaching in this excellent how-to. The book provide an overview of what Christian coaching is, how it works, and the core skills one needs to develop to coach effectively. Many sample dialogs, lists of coaching questions and application exercises are included. The book also features a variety of worksheets and coaching covenants in the appendix.
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Coaching for Christian Leaders - Details

by Linda Miller
148 pages
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Coaching is a fast-growing and effective means for supporting people as they move forward in life. In Coaching for Christian Leaders, Linda J. Miller and Chad W. Hall introduce readers to the world of coaching, the skills used in coaching, and the ministry applications of coaching. Readers will walk away with the tools and insights needed to start using the Christian behavior of coaching with those around them.

Table of Contents

Editor's Forward



1 Overview of Coaching

2 Core Coaching Skills

3 Essential and Supporting Coaching Skills

4 Models for the Coaching Conversation

5 The Coaching Relationship

6 A Coach Approach to Ministry Leadership

7 Coaching in the Church

Afterward: Jesus as Our Master Coach

Appendix 1: Distinctions of Coaching

Appendix 2: Sample Coaching Documents

Appendix 3: Developing Your Pathway as a Coach

Appendix 4: Ministries That Thrive with Coaching

Appendix 5: Resources for Coaching

About the Author

Linda J. Miller is a Master Certified Coach and a pioneer in coaching in business and churches. She played a key role in the launch of coach training, working with Corporate Coach U to launch its first training programs and more recently with The Ken Blanchard Companies as global liaison for coaching.

Chad W. Hall is an ordained minister who has served as a church planter, pastor, denominational consultant, and trainer. He has been coaching and training others to coach since 2001.

Reader Feedback

"Coaching is a powerful tool that can be used to serve the greater good. After all, Jesus was one of the greatest coaches the world has ever seen. Linda Miller and Chad Hall have written a practical guide to coaching that can really help people of faith expand and improve their ministries. Use it as you serve others."
Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager

"Offering plentiful examples of coaching skills in action and being solidly grounded in Scriptural truths, this book is a must-read for anyone serious about distinctly Christian coaching. Linda and Chad are masterful coaches and have provided a tremendous new resource for the advancement of this field!"
Christopher McCluskey, PCC, President, Coaching for Christian Living

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