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Coaching for Performance, 5th Edition

by John Whitmore
5th Edition, 232 pages
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This updated edition is clear, concise, hands-on and friendly. Coaching for Performance is a top-rated business coaching guide written in a coaching style. Perfect for beginners or for practicing coaches, this bestselling handbook will help you master key skills of the coaching model and unlock people's potential to maximize their own performance.

The book contains an excellent introduction to the coaching approach, and follows with an in-depth look at the "GROW" conversational model, a widely used blueprint for structuring a coaching conversation. With tips, example questions and sample dialogue for each step, this definitive guide will quickly have you coaching people to clarity and action.

Adopted by many of the world's major corporations and with over 200,000 copies in print, this easy-to-use title argues persuasively for:

- Using questions instead of commands to raise awareness and responsibility
- Using the GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options, Will) to generate prompt action and peak performance
- The growing need to relate to the individual's sense of meaning and purpose Price $24.95

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Coaching for Performance, 5th Edition - Details

by John Whitmore
4th Edition, 232 pages

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Since the first edition was published over a decade ago, John Whitmore has taken the art of coaching to new heights with this bestselling classic that has sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide. Coaching for Performance is universally considered the definitive guide to mastering the skills of unlocking potential and maximizing performance. It focuses specifically on using coaching as the essential team leadership skill to improve individual and organizational performance.

Translated into over a dozen languages, this essential training guide has been used by organizations large and small, in nearly every corner of the world—from Coca-Cola, IBM and Ford Motor Company to the Hollywood, Florida, Police Department—to develop the personal and professional skills leaders need. This new edition introduces three new chapters, expanded examples, and an update to Whitmore's original GROW model for fundamentally transforming management style and culture. New material includes additional chapters on raising self-esteem, incorporating meaning and purpose into work, setting goals, and adding a spiritual approach to coaching. A new section explains how to improve performance by applying coaching to organizational culture.

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Table of Contents

    What Is Coaching?
    The Manager as Coach
    The Nature of Change
    The Nature of Coaching
    Effective Questions
    The Sequence of Questioning
    Goal Setting
    What Is Reality?
    What Options Do You Have?
    What Will You Do?

    What Is Performance?
    Learning and Enjoyment
    Motivation and Self-Belief
    Coaching for Meaning and Purpose
    Feedback and Assessment
    The Development of a Team
    Coaching Teams
    Overcoming Barriers to Coaching
    The Multiple Benefits of Coaching

    The Challenge to Leaders
    The Foundation of Leadership
    The Qualities of Leadership

    Emotional Intelligence
    Tools of Transpersonal Psychology
    The Future Focus of Coaching

About the Author

John Whitmore has received the President's Award from the International Coach Federation in recognition for his work in the coaching field. He consults and lectures widely on coaching and teamworking for business with Performance Consultants International. He has written five books on sports, leadership and coaching, of which Coaching for Performance is the best known, having been translated into over 20 different languages.

Reader Feedback

"A must read for any coach aspiring to do advanced work. Bringing together the simplicity of the coaching process and the larger scope of the coaching profession a readable and provocative way—Coaching for Performance forecasts the necessary evolution that awaits the world of business and the world of coaching."

—Laura Whitworth, cofounder of The Coaches Training Institute and author of Co-Active Coaching

John Whitmore is internationally recognized for his pioneering work in developing new approaches to sports and business training. He consults and lectures widely on coaching and human resource management and is a principal partner in Performance Consultants.

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