Coaching in a Revival Culture DVD

By Charlie Harper and Martin Flack
6 DVDs
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Available in both CD and DVD format, this introductory course in coaching skills includes 10 hours of content. Suitable for personal growth, this course can also be taught as a two to three day seminar or as a once a week two hour class for five weeks. The source for much of the material and concepts taught in the course are based on my book, Leadership Coaching (available at Leadership Coaching is the required text for the seminar, and would be beneficial for those using the CD/DVD. Speaking to an enthusiastic audience, Charlie and Martin share powerful perspectives and practical skills that will help leaders empower the people around them, in every area of life: work, ministry or personal. They have an excellent working relationship as presenters, a great chemistry with the audience, and the recordings are done with the standard of quality that Bethel Media is known for.

Martin and Charlie have taught this basic, practical and interactive course—combining teaching, demonstration, discussion and immediate practical application—for several years at the Bethel Church Supernatural School of Ministry in Redding, California. Price $65.00

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About the Author

Charlie Harper is the Business Administrator and Project Manager for Bethel Church in Redding, California and part of the senior management team. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and received formal Life Coaching training through Life Forming Leadership Coaching. Charlie has been instrumental in bringing Christian Coach Training to Bethel Church and the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Charlie lives in Redding, CA with his wife, Julie.

Martin Flack is an experienced and certified life coach with training and credentials from Life Forming Leadership Coaching, the Center for the Advancement of Christian Coaching and Tony Stoltzfus at He has 30 years of experience concurrently as a pastor and a business manager. Martin leads business coaching courses, leadership training and pastoral counseling through his ministry, Riverstone Ministries. He brings a depth of experience in team-building and creating an environment of honor and empowerment. Martin and his wife, Mollie live in Redding, CA.

Reader Feedback

"I understood the power of asking questions and minimize advice-giving, and how that draws out the potential in people in a much more effective way. It really brings me into a much more restful position and takes the pressure off me. I will use the tools I was taught in this class every day of my life for the rest of my life!"
- Christian Tapper, Sweden. CIRC 2011

"I had a whole new revelation of how to coach people by believing in them and encouraging them... how to bring best out of them, how to help them to take control over there own lives and empower them to find amazing solutions for their problems, and how to help them to reach their goals."
- Agnese Kagaine, CIRC 2010

"Vital tools for good communication, equipping for empowering others and building relations, ideas for good questions to ask in coaching, a great book, visiting lecturers, opportunities for practicing skills learned, a chance to be a part of a community. This class was excellent."
- Chloe Stokes, U.K., CIRC 2011