Practice Building Resources for Coaches

Want more coaching clients? We've compared, rated and reviewed what's out there, and these are the best practice-building resources we've found for coaches. And the best thing is, just one new client would pay for any of the practice-building books on this page! Why not get going today?

Choosing a Coaching Certification Program

Here are five key questions to ask yourself when choosing the best coaching school for you:

1. Who do I want to coach?
Figure out whether you want to do life coaching, work with executives, coach ministry leaders, do career coaching, etc. Different schools focus on different things.

2. How do I learn best?
While some schools are all tele-class based (no travel required) others use workshops or even individual instruction. Some schools put much more emphasis on forming peer relationships as well. Choose a school that fits your preferred learning style.

3. What can I afford?
Business-oriented schools tend to be considerably more expensive than ministry-oriented ones. Check out the pricing!

4. Do I need help starting a business?
Some schools spend quite a bit of time on practice-building skills, while others spend almost none. Decide what you need and research what different schools offer.

5. Is this a good fit with my values?
Even the Christian coaching schools differ considerably in their values. Look for a school with business and training practices that reflect what you believe in.

From the Book, Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus.

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