Transformational Coaching: Reinventing Yourself

Over the years I’ve used transformational coaching techniques to walk a number of transformational coaching is about motivation!individuals through the process of completely reinventing themselves. For instance, one leader’s goal was “to move from being a critical and demanding boss to one who was approachable, kind and built strong relationships with the leaders around him.” That’s a real Goliath to take on in the latter half of one’s life! However, over the course of six months he actually succeeded in altering the fundamental way he related. A feedback process confirmed that to his peers, he was a different person. How did that happen? And what can we learn from those stories about how to reinvent ourselves when the time comes to do it? Continue reading “Transformational Coaching: Reinventing Yourself”

Life Purpose

life purposeLife purpose is a rising movement that has been shaping the church over the last ten years and will be a major influence for the next generation. Just as the “visionary leadership” concept has been at the forefront of the way churches are led for the last season, the coming wave seems to be helping people to discover and fulfill their personal destiny. I believe God is continuing a move that began with the charismatic renewal two generations ago—unleashing and fully activating lay people, so that everyone in his body is a vital contributor to the Kingdom. Continue reading “Life Purpose”

How’s Your R.A.S? Making Your Brain Work for You

How’s my what? My R.A.S? Is that the latest electronic gadget that my kids are going to be bugging me to buy? Is it new technology for my car?

reticular activating systemNo, R.A.S is the widely recognized abbreviation for Reticular Activating System. And yes, everybody has one. Actually, it’s a very vital part of your brain. About the size of your little finger, your R.A.S is a group of cells located at the base of your brain stem that have the vital function of keeping you from system overload. Continue reading “How’s Your R.A.S? Making Your Brain Work for You”