What If?

24 pages, hardback, color
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This children's story uses coaching questions to bring the kids into the story--and help them co-create it by using their own imaginations. Author Jimetta Mayne is an experienced storyteller and coach, and she puts the two together by creating a story that draws out your children's hopes, fears, and ideas, and builds them into the tale. By inserting your children's names into the story, they become characters in it. Then the coaching questions empower the kids to engage it deeply and make it their own. It's a great way to bring coaching values into the way you parent--and a great gift if you are a grandparent!

Illustrated with beautiful, original artwork and printed in hardback in full color, this story will keep your kids or grandkids coming back again and again.

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About the Author

Jimetta Mayne is an author, mentor, speaker, and Christian coach. In several decades of marriage to her husband Rod, she has been a mother and grandmother to many. She developed the "Adventures with Grandma Metta" series to build children who grow up knowing who they are, what they can do and how much they are loved.

Jimetta and Rod live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where they love adventures like staying cozy with cocoa and blankets in winter snows and sleeping under the stars in summertime. Jimetta enjoys lavishing love on her grandkids, and helping others grow in love, discover their true identity, and find their destiny.