Coaching How-to Books

    Whether you are just starting out in coaching or want to polish your listening and asking skills, learn how to coach with these practical, informative coaching books, all professionally reviewed and rated by practicing coaches.

    For even more great ways to learn the coaching approach, check out our pages for coach training CDs and DVDs, Encounter Coaching and question asking resources.

    Coaching How-to Books
    Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kinsey-House and Richard Sandahl Co-active Coaching (3rd edition) $38.99 $39.99
    Gregory Bland Pro-Active Parent Coaching $19.95
    Tony Stoltzfus Peer Coach Training (Streaming Video) $33.99 $39.99
    Dr. Keith E. Webb The Coach Model for Christian Leaders $18.99
    Jane Creswell Christ Centered Coaching $19.99
    Linda Miller Coaching for Christian Leaders $19.99
    Luciano Lombardi Coaching Changes Everything $17.99