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Becoming a Professional Life Coach

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480 pages, hardcover

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Starting with Therapist as Life Coach, Pat Williams introduced counselors and therapists to the world of life coaching. In Becoming a Professional Life Coach, he and co-author Diane Menendez cover the foundations of effective coaching. Now this second edition adds deeper information on coaching competencies, coaching ethics, several coaching niches, and covers how positive psychology and neuroscience bring understanding to how coaching and change function.

Becoming a Professional Life Coach will steep you in coaching fundamentals like listening skills, powerful questions and session preparation, then move you on to more advanced concepts like identifying life purpose, overcoming obstacles and working with values and mindsets. Starting with a short history of how coaching began, Becoming a Professional Life Coach takes you through each step of the coaching process, including:

  • Listening to a person, versus listening for or versus listening with
  • Identifying the client's agenda
  • Understanding developmental issues
  • Offering honest feedback
  • Launching the coaching conversation
  • Asking deep questions
  • Changing perspective with reframing
  • Helping clients identify and live out their core values

Williams and Menendez have filled this manual with exercises, worksheets, sample coaching dialogues, and assessments, you can use in your own practice. Whether you are just starting out in coaching or have some solid experience under your belt, Becoming a Professional Life Coach will take your skills to a new level.

Table of Contents

Part I: Coaching Fundamentals
  1. Listening as a Coach
  2. The Language of Coaching
  3. Coaching as a Developmental Change Process
Part II: Beyond the Basics
  1. Empowering the Client
  2. Stretching the Client
  3. Creating Momentum with the Client
Part III: Coaching from the Inside Out
  1. The Power of Purpose
  2. Design Your Life
  3. What Gets in Your Way?
  4. Steering Life by True North
  5. Walk the Talk
  6. Play Full Out
  7. Howe Wealthy Are You?
  8. Mind-Set is Causative
  9. Love Is All We Need

About the Author

Patrick Williams, Ed.D. one of the early pioneers of coaching, is credentialed as a master certified coach. He's been an executive coach since 1990, and in 1998 founded the Institute for Life Coach Training, an ICF accredited Coach Training Program. Patrick is co-author of Therapist as Life Coach as well as other books.

Diane S. Menendez, Ph.D. is a master certified coach who has coached teams, leaders and companies for over two decades.