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    Coaching the Heart Workshop

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    Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus actually joined your coaching sessions? Imagine if every appointment was a three-way call with him, and instead of looking for answers within, you could simply ask Jesus and he’d tell you straight up? Coaching the Heartwill show you how to have life-changing, live dialogues with Jesus, right in your coaching sessions. It’s heart transformation instead of behavioral modification.

    If you’ve wanted more impact as a coach--if you want to marry coaching skills with a supernatural touch from God--this course is for you!

    What You'll Learn

    • How to use coaching questions to quickly drill down to the beliefs, desires and healing issues that underlie behavior
    • How to use the coaching model to address inner healing issues
    • Extensive practice times with the Questions for Jesus approach that is at the heart of the Encounter Coaching model
    • How to invite Jesus to enter the coaching conversation and see him speak quickly and directly to the client
    • A set of tools for filling desires, and another set for changing beliefs
    • How to effectively coach the heart instead of merely outward behavior

    What's Included

    This intensive course includes everything listed below:

    • A highly-interactive, 3-day workshop experience that uses demos, lots of hands-on practice with real issues, and debriefing to prepare you to go out and coach with the tools you learn
    • Limited to 32 participants so you'll get lots of personal contact with your instructor and the LM Team
    • You'll join a cohort of four teammates and form deep, ongoing relationships in the workshop and beyond
    • Four bi-weekly follow-up sessions (that you schedule with your team) that help you apply what you're learning
    • A peer coaching relationship with a teammate that keeps you practicing after the workshop
    • A printed and bound Workshop manual and follow-up guide
    • Credit toward becoming a Certified Encounter Coach (requires additional certification fees).



    In order to take this course, you must have completed one of the following:

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