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    The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training (Download)

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    Looking for the right coaching school can be a daunting task. There are a lot of programs out there, and little guidance on what factors you should consider in your decision. Updated March 2020, The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training steps in to fill that gap. If you are thinking about investing the time and money it takes to get trained as a coach, you owe it to yourself to check out this highly recommended guide to Christian coach training!

    Written in an easy-to-digest format, this thoroughly researched guide is the result of interviews covering virtually every Christian coach training school and provides information you can't get elsewhere. And it's available for immediate download, so within minutes you can be reviewing comprehensive information that will help you make a well-informed decision about where to get your training.

    This handy reference tells you what to look for, then compares thirteen different programs to show you what each one offers. This e-book features:

    • Eleven key decision-making factors identified and presented to help you choose the training that's right for you.
    • Two-page profiles on thirteen Christian coach training programs and an easy-reference list of options.
    • Tools and resources to help you better understand coaching, including The Life Coaching Comparison Tool and Seven Introductory Coaching Resources.
    • A guided decision process with scripture references for your support.

    The information in this guide is presented objectively by an experienced coach giving you the information you need to decide which coaching certification program is for you, instead of telling you which one to choose (it's a coaching approach!)

    About the Author

    Linda Hedberg loves encouraging those who are called to enter into the world of coaching and thrive there in business and ministry. She offers coaching resources her web site, invests in the coaching community as an active member of the Christian Coaches Network, and mentor-coaches new and aspiring Christian coaches.

    Linda is certified through the Institute for Life Coach Training, has her BA in psychology and has completed post-graduate studies in the St Cloud State University MBA program.

    Reader Feedback

    "I'm so glad Linda wrote this! Now I know exactly where to send people when they want info on coaching certification and where to get trained."
    Tony Stoltzfus, author and master coach

    "At least once every week somebody writes to ask me where they can get high quality, Christian coach training. Linda Hedberg's unique and very practical book gives the answers. Concise, informative, relevant and easy to understand, this valuable guidebook says all we need to know about competent coach training from a Christian perspective. I am honored to recommend it enthusiastically."
    --Gary R. Collins, PhD
    Author of Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality.

    "Thank you, Linda! The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training is truly a gift to the Christian coaching field. With its comprehensive coverage, wealth of information, helpful comparison charts and user-friendly explanations, it is the must-have resource for anyone researching Christian coach training schools. I highly recommend your book to all aspiring coaches."
    --Kim Avery
    Professional Certified Coach and Coach Trainer Kim Avery Coaching