Tony Stoltzfus


    Tony Stoltzfus - Life Coaching Bundle

    Get four of our best reviewed coaching books in a discount bundle

    This package is a great fit for any coach who works with life purpose and destiny discovery. Here's what you'll get:

    • The Christian Life Coaching Handbook offers a robust set of 60 destiny discovery exercises, built around a four-part life purpose model of Calling, Passion, Preparation, and Design. Explicitly adding calling as "An external commission from God for others" to the life purpose model is an important contribution of this book, as many life purpose tools simply encourage you to find what you love to do and do it (which is a pretty unbiblical way of looking at life!) The book is packed with advanced coaching techniques, real-life dialogs and examples and more to help you employ the exercises with your coaching clients.
    • The companion volume, A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook includes just the exercises and descriptive text from the Christian Life Coaching Handbook, a perfect tool to give to your clients so that they can continue working at the process of discovery between appointments. Each section of the book begins with an assessment that helps the client identify what they already know (so they can skip those exercises) and where they need to dig in and learn more about their own calling.
    • The Calling Journey adds the dimension of calling development to the life purpose process. Most teaching on destiny assumes you should find it and do it NOW--but that is not how the process unfolds in the lives of Biblical characters! Tony defines four stages and three valleys almost all of us go through as we move toward our destiny, and shows what God is doing in each season to prepare us for entry into our call--which happens on average 31 years after we make Jesus Lord! The timeline tool in the book lets you visually graph a person's calling journey, show what God has been up to in different stages in life and coach in a way that works for that person's current stage.
    • Coaching Transitions is a two-disc audio CD set which explains the inner workings of major life transitions and gives you a set of tools to walk others through them. "You win your ministry in your transitions," as Tony says--how you meet God in these crucial times forms the foundation of what he does through you in the productive season to come.

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      About the Author

      Tony Stoltzfus has authored 12 coaching books, including the best-selling Coaching Questions. He is Director of the Leadership MetaFormation Institute, where he teaches leaders to engage the heart by coaching through the emotional brain to touch the deep desires that drive behavior. Known for his interactive, innovative training and writing style, Tony has written courses and training materials used worldwide.