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    Living from the Heart Workshop

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    Beginning with a virtual visit to eternity in our signature Taste of Heaven experience, Living from the Heart shows you how your life looks from the viewpoint of heaven--and teaches you to do the same for others!  

    Our exclusive Seven Frames tool helps you re-see any circumstance within the tapestry of God's history--discerning the awe-inspiring purpose Father weaves through the threads of random circumstance to bring us to himself. We'll focus on seeing God's presence in the painful parts of your story, bringing meaning to what you've suffered and answering long-standing questions. And we'll give you practical coaching tools to help others see life through a new, redemptive lens.


    What You'll Learn

    • Three key beliefs that shift us to seeing like heaven sees
    • The Seven Frames tool--seven key ways of reframing an experience from what life is doing to you to what God is doing in you
    • A difficult part of your own story will be rewritten for you by one of our skilled storywriters--a truly transformational experience!
    • An introduction to The Calling Journey Timeline, a tool for tracking a person's developing destiny over a lifetime
    • How to coach people in valley seasons or difficult times

    What's Included

    This intensive course includes everything listed below:

    • A 3.5-day interactive adult-learning experience that uses learning games, hands-on practice, demo and debriefing to create a transformative experience
    • A one-hour interview with a member of our story-writing team, resulting in a personal heaven-story presented to you at the workshop
    • A limit of 32 participants so you'll get to know your instructor and the LM Team
    • An incredible "Taste of Heaven" encounter that features conversations with Jesus, staging, lighting, your own life story rewritten, and much more
    • Your cohort of four teammates will form deep, lasting relationships you'll highly value
    • Eight follow-up sessions (that you schedule with your team) that help you apply what you're learning
    • Professionally-printed, 80 page workshop manual 
    • Credit toward becoming a Certified Encounter Coach (requires additional certification fees).


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