Dr. Keith E. Webb


    The Coach Model for Christian Leaders

    171 pages

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    In The Coach Model, Keith Webb introduces a very different approach to leading people, built around asking great questions instead of giving advice and solutions. This model, based on the acronym C.O.A.C.H., pairs each step in the process with techniques that will, "equip you to ask powerful and helpful questions."

    The five steps of the COACH model are:

    • C = Connect: Building rapport and trust with the person you are coaching and following up on action steps from previous meetings.
    • O = Outcome: The intended results the coachee would like to accomplish during the conversation.
    • A = Awareness: Reflective dialogue intended to produce increased perspective for the coachee.
    • C = Course: Creating solutions, options and action steps.
    • H = Highlights: Reviewing the parts of the conversation that the coachee found most meaningful to reinforce insights and strengthen learning.

    What You'll Learn

    1. The importance of a foundation of trust and rapport in a coaching relationship.
    2. The importance of allowing the coachee to determine the results they want out of the coaching relationship.
    3. How to use reflective dialogue to help a coachee gain new insights.
    4. The basics of helping the coachee create action steps that are S.M.A.R.T.
    5. How to follow through on action steps with a coachee.

    Laden with stories that bring the C.O.A.C.H. model to life, you that this book will transform your conversations and produce great results in those you lead.

    About the Author

    Dr. Keith Webb is a Professional Certified Coach, consultant, and a well-known speaker specializing in leadership development. He leads Creative Results Management, a global training team affiliated with Church Resource Ministries that equips ministry leaders and pioneers. Keith offers extensive cross-cultural experience, having successfully facilitated leadership programs for Christian leaders from over 70 countries. He resides in the Seattle area with his wife and two children.