Leadership MetaFormation


    Encounter Coaching Certification Program Fee


    Register here to join the Leadership MetaFormation Encounter Coaching Certification Program. Full program details are available on our MetaFormation website.

    There are two options:

    • Choose the "Full Certification" option if you are beginning the credentialing process from scratch.
    • Choose the "Continuing Ed" version if you already hold a coaching certification from a recognized coaching school and want to add Encounter Coaching skills to your toolbox.
    • Purchase the additional required core workshops separately from a trainer here.

    PLEASE NOTE: This registration covers program fees, the Foundations of Encounter Coaching course (needed for full certification only) and the Mentor Coaching course ONLY. You will need to purchase the required core workshops separately from an LM trainer in your area--this gives you the flexibility of scheduling workshops with any of our trainers. Visit our training calendar to see what's being offered around the world right now!