Jason Hedge


    Training with DISC

    30 Games and Team Building Exercises to Lead Your 1st or 101st DISC Workshop
    185 pages
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    Are you preparing to lead your 1st DISC workshop? This book has what you need. It contains instructions on leading an introductory training on DISC, 30 team building exercises, sample workshop schedules and helpful tricks, links and tips to confidently lead your first workshop. Are you a seasoned DISC Workshop veteran looking for new activities? This book has what you need, too. It contains new games and exercises to spice up your workshop and involve your participants in an engaging and fulfilling way. Each activity is broken out into sections that will help you easily roll them out with exciting results each and every time.

    Based upon time-tested principles of active participation, these games and exercises engage participants in the learning process. It activates them to be mentally and physically involved in the workshop, which increases the level of fun, commitment to change and transformation that will take place. You already know that DISC is a powerful tool that releases personal and team breakthrough. It can re-engage teamwork, encourage individuals, bridge broken relationships, improve communication, draw families together and create a DISC culture that compels a drive to honor others for who they are and what they bring to the team. Your audience is looking to you to bring them into a transformational experience and this book will help you create a dynamic and engaging DISC Workshop that will leave a lasting impact on your audience's lives.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. About DISC
    3. Tips to Leading Great DISC Workshops
    4. Tips to Lead Engaging Follow Up Sessions
    5. Creating Interactive Environments
    6. Feedback
    7. Common DISC Questions
    8. Sample Workshop Schedules
    9. Getting Started
    10. General Tips

    Game List

    1. Silence
    2. Tallest Tower
    3. Blind Communication
    4. 2x2x2
    5. How we Lead
    6. Silent Video Chat
    7. Lifeline
    8. Animalized
    9. Change Around Us
    10. Intro to Disc
    11. Ideal Vehicle
    12. DISC Review
    13. Difficult Dealings
    14. Builders and Finishers
    15. How we are Misunderstood
    16. Marketing Team
    17. Blind Spots
    18. Accountability Partners
    19. Valuable
    20. Coat of Arms
    21. Dream Job
    22. Motivators and Anxiety Producers
    23. Leadership Scenario
    24. Priorities
    25. Compliment Face Off
    26. Catch up Training
    27. Managing Types
    28. The DISC Car
    29. Panel Q & A
    30. Annoying Communication
    31. Application
    32. Interrupting

    Quick Reference
    Links and Resources

    About the Author

    Jason Hedge is an HR expert and coach has worked with DISC for many years and presented workshops in both corporate, non-profit and ministry arenas. He holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Industrial Technology from CSU, Fresno.