Jason Hedge


    The Essential DISC Training Workbook

    120 pages

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    This workbook is designed to introduce you to the DISC personality system, help you understand a DISC assessment you've take, and give you an understanding of the four fundamental personality styles. It opens with what the author calls a DISC Pre-assessment (a shortened version of the DISC profile for those who have not yet taken the more comprehensive DISC Assessment) and contains the following tools to help you unpack what you learn through the DISC assessment or Pre-assessment:

    • DISC Fact Sheets: One-page overviews of each type's qualities to help you understand your own primary type and the contributions of the other three primary types.
    • Insight Sections to connect what you are learning about DISC with the behavior of people around you, so that you can understand them better.
    • A Leadership Aptitude section that will identify your primary leadership style.
    • DISC Team Wheel to plot the styles on your team and determine your team's primary style as you are functioning together.

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    About the Author

    Jason Hedge has nearly 20 years of experience helping individuals in business and ministry mange people well and improve relationships with others. Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), he has worked extensively in the HR field for in businesses as well as non-for-profit companies. Jason holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's degree in Industrial Technology from California State University in Fresno.