Creativity Coaching Resources

If you coach writers, artists, musicians or actors, these resource materials offer the tools and techniques to help you succeed.
Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel
Coaching the Artist Within
Advice for Writers, Actors, Visual Artists and Musicians from America's Foremost Creativity Coach

by Eric Maisel

225 pages

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Coaching the Artist Within explains the techniques creativity coaches employ to help artists overcome obstacles and start producing. Focused on developing the habits and routines of a productive artist, the book’s twelve lessons and numerous exercises explain how to coach artists beyond the obstacles that block creativity. Chapters focus on key areas like generating energy in the midst of daily demands, staying centered, dealing with fears and anxiety, and developing a creative lifestyle. Author Eric Maisel illustrates these principles with anecdotes from his own creativity coaching clients from a variety of disciples: painters, actors, screenwriters, novelists, dancers, poets, and more. Coaching the Artist Within will teach you to self-coach or coach creativity issues, and the results will transform your relationship with the creative process. It also includes extensive information on the process of self-coaching for creative people. Early chapters deal with "Becoming a Self-Coach" and "Making Meaning." Later ones focus on generating energy (even in the midst of day-to-day demands), centering, managing anxiety, perfecting creativity planning, and maintaining a creative life. These "skill lessons" help would-be artists stifle negative thoughts and develop and use scheduling skills for starting and completing creative projects

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TableTopics: Family
by TableTopics
4" Acrylic Cube, 135 cards

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Check out the Dinner Party version, too!

Here's a great conversational game for your family or gift for the coach in your life! TableTopics are incisive conversation-starter questions designed to help take everyday conversations to a deeper level. Each set includes 135 question cards in a beautifully-made acrylic cube. Pick a card, ask the question and let the fun begin!

The award winning "Family" set uses age-appropriate questions to help kids and adults connect at bedtime, over meals, or wherever you want an interesting conversation!

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desire photo cards
Desire Photo Cards
by Tony Stoltzfus
32 cards, box, downloadable instructions
5.5" x 8.5" cards
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Desire Photo Cards can be used both as a coaching aid and as a tool for group learning fun. Using Desire Photo Cards will help people effectively tap the emotional brain to reveal their deepest longings. Each large-format card (there are 32 in all) includes a carefully-selected color photo of one of the 16 desires on the front, with the twisted desire on the rear in black and white (to make them easy to sort). Using photos instead of words speaks the language of the emotional brain, making it easier to tune into feelings and desires. And it's a great way to stimulate authentic conversation and self-discovery in groups. A free, downloadable instruction booklet provides eleven learning games and coaching exercises that employ the cards.

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