Cross-Cultural Coaching

Dancing Between Cultures: Culturally Intelligent Coaching for Missions and Ministry

by Tina Stoltzfus Horst
280 pages

If you coach people in other countries or from other cultures, this book is a must-have! Tina walks through the challenges of coaching people from other cultures, including differences in communication styles, norms of behavior, individualistic versus communual cultures (think U.S. vs Asia), and much more, than shows you how to stop making cultural assumptions as a coach and allow your clients to create their own answers. From stories of her own early cultural faux-pas to successful examples of coaching others around the world, the author takes you on a journey that highlights your unspoken values and how they affect the way you coach. Price $19.99

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About the Author

Tina Stoltzfus Horst brings a wealth of cross-cultural coaching experience having founded and directed Coaching Missions International (CMI) for ten years. CMI is an organization providing professional level leadership coaching and coach training to the missions world. She has developed a 9-session distance phone course on Culturally Intelligent Coaching used within CMI. She is an effective master coach, and trainer trainer who has worked alongside expat and indigenous leaders worldwide. More information about CMI and the CCQ course may be found at or With her husband, Gary, of thirty-five years, Tina has two adult children. Her hobbies include enjoying her beautiful garden on their four acre property in northeast Indiana, designing and creating art in jewelry sold to support CMI in their annual fund-raising bazaar.

Reader Feedback

Dancing between Cultures is organized around a values model that you can actually put on your desk and use to change the way you coach. Packed with insights on the influence of cultural issues and stories borne out of years of hands on experience, I can feel the perspective shift inside me as I read it. If you are coaching across cultures--whether in different nations or just different subgroups of your own country--I'd highly recommend this book.
--Tony Stoltzfuz

Book Review

Coaching Book Review

Buy this book if you:
  • Coach across cultures
  • Work or live in other cultures
  • Are involved in cross-cultural teams or leadership

      After spending a decade learning to adapt the coaching paradigm successfully in cross-cultural contexts Tina Stoltzfus Horst, the founder of Coaching Missions International, has produced a thoughtful and practical guidebook designed to help readers grown in their cultural intelligence (CQ). In this era of globalization we needed this Christian perspective! Using the analogy of an iceberg, the author explains how external behaviors and customs easily seen and experienced through our senses, appear above the water line of life. But nine-tenths of an iceberg is hidden underwater where norms, values and beliefs reside. An extensive portion of this book is devoted to explaining those at opposite ends of the values spectrum such as a crisis verses a non-crisis culture. After laying a solid foundation for basic Christian cross-cultural coaching, section two of the book gives a systematic compare and contrast for the eleven value set continuums. There is a dedicated chapter for each value set making Dancing Between Cultures a handy reference resource. “Take a Minute” sections offer open ended questions. They are interspersed throughout, enabling readers to reinforce the concepts. Here is an example of one of those: Based on what you have just learned about Concealment and Vulnerability values, how do you expect that a client of each value would approach a car accident or a team failure? Parenting?

      These questions definitely would work in a peer study, a small group setting, or for a multi-cultural training experience.

      Who doesn’t love a story? Tina’s book is jam-packed with stories contributed by multiple Christian coaches working cross-culturally. They share real life exchanges that explain things like why a coach must at times adjust expectations with goal setting based on a client’s cultural values.

      The minor challenges for me with this book are more cosmetic, the size of the font and the hard to read page numbers. A few of the value sets may immediately seem familiar if you’ve studied personality assessments like DiSC or the Meyer’s Briggs temperament indicator. Stoltzfus Horst has compiled a handy Cross Cultural Values Chart found in the book appendix. These speak to how various cultures approach problems, what they find acceptable, right, good and just! This is a book to experience! Absorbing and applying this book will heighten your awareness and sensitivity to significant value differences whether in your family, your volunteer work or as a coach.