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Desire Discovery Cards (F)

by Tony Stoltzfus
54 cards, instruction booklet, case

Every coach someone who couldn't name a feeling? Who didn't know why she did what she did? The Desire Discovery Cards are the perfect tool for those situations. The cards name eight positive- and eight negative desires, with each card offeing 6 additional, similar emotion words to flesh out the main word's meaning. Just have the person pick the card that best describes how they feel and talk about it. It is amazing how much difference it makes for the person to have a card in their hand. Somehow, it gives them permission to go deeper and be more explicit than they otherwise would.

The Desire Cards are simliar--16 different core desire cards, each with five additional descriptive words. To help a person identify their desire, simply spread the cards out on a table and let them choose. Using the desire cards makes the drilling down process easier and faster.

Housed in a transparent case, the set includes:

  • 16 - Emotion Cards, describing eight positive and eight negative feelings
  • 16 - Desire Cards, each describing a core desire
  • 16 - Twisted Desire Cards, showing how true desires look when distorted
  • 6 - Question Cards, used to help players connect with desires, emotions, memories and beliefs

A sixteen-page instructions booklet provides 10 fun and engaging games for using the cards in groups, as a coaching aid, to identify deep desires, to follow emotions to their root causes and much more.

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Tony Stoltzfus is a master coach and trainer, author of 10 books and an expert on the ways of God with the human heart. After experiencing deep suffering and betrayal in his own life, and meeting Jesus in it, he helps leaders become aware of their own hearts and find life in meeting Jesus there. Tony offers training in heart engaging and transformational leadership through The Leadership MetaFormation Institute in Redding, California.