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Coaching is a wonderful methodology for adult discipleship--it keeps people responsible for their own choices while helping them grow as disciples of Christ. These books and courses will help you apply coaching to the disciple-making process of growing mature believers.
Faith Coaching by Chad Hall, Bill Copper Kathleen McElveen
Faith Coaching
by Chad Hall, Bill Copper and Kathleen McElveen

207 pages
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Using coaching for spiritual formation delivers some truly important benefits compared to traditional approaches. Much spiritual formation today involves a lot of listening to teaching, memorizing scripture and fill-in-the-blank bible studies--in other words, a very telling-oriented approach that tends to produce disciples who are passive recievers.

There's a better way! Faith Coaching shows you how to leverage the power of coaching conversations to create active, engaged disciplines who want to grow. For all the spiritual disciplines, when adults get to set their own objectives and create patterns that work for them, they feel more honored and engage the process more deeply. If you love to work with your clients' relationship with God or their inner life, Faith Coaching is a great book for you!

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Coaching the Discipling Leader

by John Purcell

For a while now I have been using the term “Discipling Leader,” and I firmly believe it describes an idea that could change the church world. The simplest statement of the concept is this: Christian leaders in any ministry role inside or outside the church should have as one of their goals to strive to intentionally help others grow as Disciples of Christ.

This is a concept that seems at first blush simple and obvious. In fact, in the business world it is becoming more accepted that leaders should continually invest significant time in developing other leaders. However, in reality the Discipling Leader idea is huge, complex, and daunting...
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coaching in ministry by Keith Webb
Coaching in Ministry: How Busy Church Leaders Can Multiply Their Ministry Impact
by Dr. Keith E. Webb
92 pages

Coaching in Ministry by Dr. Webb explains how increase the effectiveness of ministry by employing coaching. There are times when one should mentor and other times more appropriate for propelling others to forward action by asking thought provoking questions. Coaching in Ministry is a particularly helpful tool for individuals in ministry settings seeking to develop leaders using the coaching methodology.

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