Discipleship Coaching Books and Resources

Coaching is a wonderful methodology for discipleship. These books and courses will help you apply coaching to the disciple-making process of growing mature believers.
Faith Coaching by Chad Hall, Bill Copper Kathleen McElveen
Faith Coaching
by Chad Hall, Bill Copper and Kathleen McElveen

207 pages
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Using coaching for spiritual formation delivers some truly important benefits compared to traditional approaches. Much spiritual formation today involves a lot of listening to teaching, memorizing scripture and fill-in-the-blank bible studies--in other words, a very telling-oriented approach that tends to produce disciples who are passive recievers.

There's a better way! Faith Coaching shows you how to leverage the power of coaching conversations to create active, engaged disciplines who want to grow. For all the spiritual disciplines, when adults get to set their own objectives and create patterns that work for them, they feel more honored and engage the process more deeply. If you love to work with your clients' relationship with God or their inner life, Faith Coaching is a great book for you!

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pro-active parent coaching by Gregory Bland
Pro-Active Parent Coaching
Capturing the Heart of Your Child
by Gregory Bland
Forward by Tony Stoltzfus
174 pages

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This wonderfully-practical manual shows how to apply the coaching approach to Christian parenting. Filled with sample coaching dialogs, practice exercises and feedback from youth about how the coaching approach has impacted them, author Greg Bland shows how valuing your kids' hearts through listening and asking can transform your relationships. Written by a coach who has actually done this in his own family, this book doesn't just tell you about parent coaching: it trains you to do it.

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Coaching the Discipling Leader

by John Purcell

For a while now I have been using the term “Discipling Leader,” and I firmly believe it describes an idea that could change the church world. The simplest statement of the concept is this: Christian leaders in any ministry role inside or outside the church should have as one of their goals to strive to intentionally help others grow as Disciples of Christ.

This is a concept that seems at first blush simple and obvious. In fact, in the business world it is becoming more accepted that leaders should continually invest significant time in developing other leaders. However, in reality the Discipling Leader idea is huge, complex, and daunting...
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peer coaching independent study by tony stoltzfus
Peer Coaching Independent Study
by Tony Stoltzfus

Peer Coaching DVD Set plus 2 – Peer Coaching Workbooks
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Peer Coach Training is designed to build accountable, growth-centered peer relationships in groups. The Peer Coaching Independent Study makes it easy for as few as two people to go through the training without having to recruit an entire group to do it. It is also a great way for you and a friend to learn the fundamentals of the coaching approach by watching a great coach at work. Simply listen to the DVDs together and follow the schedule in the Workbook to go through the course. It takes only an evening a week for nine weeks to gain a significant, authentic friendship that will help you grow.

Your trainer for these sessions, Tony Stoltzfus, is a master coach with years of experience working with ministry leaders and a coach trainer who has worked with hundreds of professional Christian coaches. Click Here for more resources from this author.

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Marriage Coaching

Heart, Hope and Skills for a Great Relationship

by Jeff and Jill Williams
Foreword by Tony Stoltzfus
212 pages, softcover
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Combining years as marriage coaches with an extensive background in counseling and therapy, Jeff and Jill Williams’ book, Marriage Coaching: Heart, Hope & Skills for a Great Relationship is a resource that can breathe new life into a struggling marriage, or serve as a must-have resource for those interested in coaching other couples to a better relationship.

Within its pages, Jeff and Jill show exactly what marriage coaching is, explain what it means to have your marriage as the client, lay out the essential ingredients for your marriage to be great and give the practical steps on how to coach your marriage. This fresh approach to building and sustaining a great marriage relationship is followed by practical instruction in the heart and skills needed in the areas of effective listening, goal setting, and support, encouragement and accountability. A bonus chapter on Crisis Management is included at the end of the book for those relationships needing immediate help.

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Authentic Coaching Relationships by Tony Stoltzfus
Authentic Coaching Relationships
by Tony Stoltzfus
50 minutes audio + handouts
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In this Christian coach training audio CD, coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus shows how to build authentic coaching relationships with those you coach (and with everyone else you meet!) Starting with the idea that an authentic relationship is only one conversation away, Tony shows how to use stories to go deep quickly. The disc covers the two fundamental paradigms of authenticity, four principles of authentic story-telling, different types of life stories you can use while coaching, authenticity exercises and more. It's a great way to build relationship coaching skills during your "drive time" in the car. The teachings provide training in core skills in enhanced CD format. To access those just put the CD into your computer!

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A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups by Randall Neighbour
A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups
by Randall Neighbour
95 pages
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In this quick read, Randall Neighbour, a leader in the small group movement, tackles one of the biggest problems in small group coaching: building the kind of relationships with small group leaders that make them want to meet with you. A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups reveals what your leaders need most--a friend who will support them in ministry and help their group achieve its goals--and it shows you how to become that. The Pocket Guide provides excellent tips for time management, preventing discouragement, investing in leaders for maximum impact, and your role in developing new leaders from the groups you support. If you embrace the simple principles author Randall Neighbour espouses in this book, you’ll become the kind of small group coach that makes small group ministry a life-changing experience for everyone involved!

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The Coach Model for Christian Leaders
by Keith E. Webb
171 pages

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In The Coach Model, Keith Webb introduces a five-step process powered by questions. Dividing his model based on the acronym C.O.A.C.H. he pairs each step with question asking techniques that will, as Keith states, “equip you to ask powerful and helpful questions.”

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Questions for Jesus App
from Coach22
Feature List

New! The FREE Questions for Jesus App (available for both iPhones and Androids) shows you how great questions can profoundly impact your devotional life—and it teaches you a powerful tool for helping your clients encounter Jesus in your coaching sessions.

This conversational prayer and journaling app features 26 meditations (taken from the book, Questions for Jesus). The process is simple: read a meditation, choose one of the five profound questions to ask Jesus, listen while instrumental music plays, and then journal what you heard. The best part is sharing the journey with friends: you can sync up apps to pray the same question each day and text each other what you are hearing!

What sets Questions for Jesus apart from other devotional tools is what you are praying about. Instead of praying for direction or running down a prayer list, Questions for Jesus launches a two-way conversation where you are asking Jesus to fill the deepest desires of your heart--with himself! When you start talking to him like the love of your life instead of your boss, it is amazing how eager Jesus is to answer!

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